Its Go Time Soon

Waiting for $8300 of coffee making stuff.

Its been a busy week. So many little odds and ends to get done still. Tomorrow the coffee equipment gets here and hooked up. The counter is ready to go with both water and electric set up. I sent one employee to Colectivo coffee school on Tuesday and Im going next Tuesday. Then I have a week to get completely up and running. I was hoping for two weeks but thats how this stuff go’s. My grand opening of the new store will be Friday and Saturday the 30th and 31st. Then its game on. Im pretty nervous about that. I still dont have a real set plan for the early morns so Im pretty sure that will be me. Im interviewing now for a morning person.

I cant believe I’ve been in this place for a month already. Thats nuts. Time is moving pretty fast now. The store is waking up for the spring. I put storage wax on all the rental ski’s yesterday and brought them to storage. Winter is officially over (and it might snow Friday nite). Good riddance to the worst (lack of) winter in store history.

I would ride in the morn yet but its been unseasonably cold. It was 19 this morn. Thats just way too cold to road ride. Next week the store opens at 10am and morning riding will be hard to do. But soon I will have enough help here to be able to leave for a nooner or two a week. I hope to resurrect Long Ride Wednesday (LRW) this spring. God knows I need the miles.

After the coffee is up and running I will start to work on outside signage. Thats a crazy expense. $5k or more. I would like to go with a lighted sign but that just may not be in the cards. That could be closer to $10k. Cripes.

Thats about it for today. Most likely the last post this week with the coffee machines installing tomorrow. I hope to have a pot brewed for me Saturday morn after the ride. It will be another abbreviated ride again. Just too much going on. And if its in the 20’s for temp I just might ditch it completely. Sunday looks much better for riding and I can wait till late morning to let it warm up a bit.

Have a good weekend and next time we talk I will be sipping some fresh brewed Colectivo coffee.


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