Not a Big Weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I did get out for a ride with the group Saturday morn but had to cut it way short to get back by 10am to open. I did bring a bike home with me to ride on Sunday but that never happened. I went to a movie instead. Then sat around the house and ate too much.

Im in the store early do catch up on my bills. When Im in the store alone now its busy enough to not be able to do any paperwork. And I guess thats a good thing. Soon the coffee will flow and I’ll be here from sunup to sundown. At least for awhile and I expected that. I am going thru applications for coffee help right now.

But my ride time will be limited. Also the store hours increase and hour in the morning and a hour at night next week.  However, I have been entertaining the idea of staying closed on Sundays. I think Sunday hours were OK. But never a deal breaker. I would guess that 90% of those customers would just come another time when Im open. I also have decided not to do bike rentals out of the store. I will have bikes off site at resorts and such tho. But the bike rentals over in my old location was pretty much 75% of the reason to stay open. Time will tell. Nothing set in store.

Tomorrow I have an employee headed to Colectivo coffee school. Im going next Tuesday. The machines show up Thursday. Electricians here Wednesday to prep. Plumber too. Busy week. That, and my spring shipment of bikes comes this week. Today 20 bikes to show with another 20 later.

One thing I still need to nail down here is the way less storage from the last store. In fact the last store had too much. This location has 1\4 of what I had there so I have to learn to be way more efficient at ordering. And when the big bike shipments come I need to get rid of the cardboard almost the same day. Will take some planning.

That about it today. Not much fun stuff. It will all work and no play for a few weeks..

And I think Im way too old for that shit  🙂


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