End of Week


Its seems I rarely post two days in a row anymore. I used to post almost everyday. I suppose Im busier than normal. Right now Im to the point where the bike store is pretty much where I want it. Now I move to the coffee shop. Machines look to be here next Thursday\Friday. I still need the electrician to stop in for finishing touches. The Plumber too. I’ve got Colectivo coffee school next week. I hope to send me and two others.

A week from today I should be brewing coffee here. And then a week later open to the public. Again, a very stressful two weeks ahead.

I did ride on Tuesday this week. I took a fat bike off the floor and rode the beach. I always say I never do that but I wanted just one more beach ride before spring. Done and done. 

This is one of the few springs that I have not a demo bike to ride and Im not sure what Im doing with that either. Now that I have no fat bike Im looking at getting by first straight up MTB this summer. Im looking at the Trek EX 9.8. I can get that bike in both a 29 or 27.5 plus. Im partial to 29 and Im partial to plus so I have to sleep on this one.

I see Trek has a new 2.6in tire out and wonder if that fits in the 29in bike. If it does thats the way I would go. If that tire does not work it would be a 2.4 for the 29er and thats a smaller tire than Im used to. But doable I guess. I could get a 3in tire on the 27.5 plus and thats what Im used to. Its crazy how back in the day I used to race on 1.9’s and now I want 3 inch. Having as much traction as I can means less potential for disaster. At my age when you hit the ground you are down for the count.

Ultimately another Farely EX would be the ticket but they are not available until Aug. In fact, Trek has released info to dealers on the 2019 Farley’s and I did not see a EX. That could mean two things. 1) they are not making them anymore, or 2) They are the same as last year which is fine by me. Either way I can’t wait until August. So it a Fuel EX for me, and then most likely will get another carbon rigid fat bike for the winter again.

As far as road bike its either going to be a Trek Emonda disk or another BMC Roadmachine like last summer. But thats over a month away. First things first.

First I need to lean how to make good coffee.



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