Weekend Report Part Two



While I go up to do the race, it’s not the real reason I get up there so much. It’s the trails. I was pretty excited to still be able to hit up some trails after the race Saturday. I can’t believe I still had some gas in the tank. Not a lot mind you but enough to hit the woods for a good hour.

I wish I could say how awesome the trails were but I can’t. I was very disappointed to find both Seeley Pass and Makwa trails petty much ungroomed. For an old fat guy like me pretty much unrideable.  Both trails run from the OO trailhead. Pretty much the most popular and easy to get to trailhead. Seeley Pass starts off with some downhill. After I hit the bottom riding all over the trail I flipped it and pretty much had to walk back up and out.

I can’t and wont stomp my feet and raise hell over it. All those trails are groomed with volunteers. Most of whom own their own equipment. But guys….  you have 1000 bikes converging to the area from all over place. Putting on the biggest fat bike race in the world, and you leave a majority of the trails un groomed? There was plenty of snow. While the temps hovered above freezing in the afternoon the nights were cold to set things up. A Friday groom would have made those trails amazing. I guess all I can say is I was disappointed. Moving on.

Seeley Hills Sunday morn

After a few phone calls it was determined that the best trails were Seeley Hills. Not to be confused with Seeley Pass. This trail system is right off OO just 100 yards from HWY 63 (Sawmill Saloon). I rode these trails about 4 years ago. I liked them. It’s the same trail system that I skied on a few years ago in my shorts….

Here I am skiing Seeley Hills in 2013.
Here I am riding past Seeley Hills last Oct.

So we hit up those trails Sunday morn before we headed for home. Sadly, many did not attend due to a few too many drinks the night before.  Just me and Jon V. woke to hit the trails Sunday morn. And they were much better than the other trails the day before. These trails were groomed of late and we put in a good hour on a nice ride. Things were warming up quickly and it did get a little soft deeper in the woods so we just turned around and rode out. A nice ride to cap off the weekend for sure. The last ride on my Borealis Crestone.

As we were heading out of the woods we saw several groups heading in. Maybe a little late. One group had at least 10 bikes.

So this last weekend puts the final touches on winter 2017\18. My fatbike is sold. I cut off my beard. Time to move on to spring. This weekend will be remembered for the super fast Birkie trail to race on. And that’s good enough for me to call the weekend a success.



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