Heading North


I was going to ride the fat bike on the beach this morn but didnt. The surf was way up and the beach was limited. Some ice too (I took off the the studs). I already sold those tires for some fun money for this weekend. Just before I take a weekend up north I have a eBay spree so I have some spending money…

It snowed quite a bit yesterday. The pic does not show it but I had a hard time getting out of my drive this morn. My car sucks on snow tho….

Im in the store very early then this morn. Im putting the finishing touches on my 2017 books to send off to the accountant before I leave for Hayward. I task that Im always happy to complete.

The coffee equipment was officially ordered yesterday. $7800 dollars worth. I hope to sell enough coffee to cover that. Then there’s the table, chairs and all the other stuff that goes with. Freezer and ice machine. I hope to get everything up and running by the 15th with the grand opening on the 31st. That gives us some time to get up and running. I’ll make myself a nice latte every morn….

On to the weekend. This will be my last post before I head up there. In my mind, there is a small chance I will leave Thursday. Thats tomorrow. Maybe a 20% chance at best. I sure would like to get more ride time on my Borealis before I give it up. But I do have a lot to do here still.

The weather in Hayward looks perfect. Slightly above freezing in the afternoon and then single digits for lows. The trails should be super firm. Im not going to want to come home.

Yesterday I read the the short course has some single track in it. Im not sure about that. Thats a lot of bikes to put in such a narrow trail. But I heard the trails have so much base that it should hold up. I’ll trust their judgment.

If I leave Friday, which is most likely, I will leave at 6am and try to get there ready to preride at noon. I hope to put an entire lap in. About 12 miles or so…. Then register and figure out where we are going to eat. Saturday, as I mentioned earlier, will be a slow race for me. Im going to try and take it easy. Don’t care where I finish. I no longer do this race to race. I do it on principal now. I’ve done all 6 to date and I’ll try to keep that string going. Last year it was the only race I registered for and that will be the same this year Im sure.

Just finish pedaling is a win for me. Then another win would be a little bit more trail riding after lunch. Even if its just an hour…..

Marquette in January.

Last weekend on this beauty. Gotta make it count.

I’ll be back bright and early on Monday morn. Im sure I’ll have some stories to tell.


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