Weekend Update


Overall a good weekend. I can tell Im busy lately as I didn’t post Friday and didnt realize it until this morn. The store seems to be busier in the new location. That’s good to see. Moving the store is such a big task that takes months of my time overall and its good to see positive results. Today I put in the final order for the coffee equipment. I was taken aback by the cost of that stuff as people are taken aback by the cost of a 9.9 Madone. I made the same face they make when I tell them the cost of one of the bikes I ride.

Saturdays group ride was big. Over 20 bikes. From brand new carbon road rockets to winter beater MTB’s. It’s tough to hold the group together when its that diverse. I hung on as long as I could, then flipped it back to go to work. It was near 40 and sunny. A nice 25 mile ride. Sadly, that was my longest ride on almost two months. But it felt good. 20171210_125759

In three days and one nite I will be headed up to Hayward. I have not been on my fat bike in over a month. I’ve gained a lot of weight. This race next Saturday will for sure be the poorest showing I will produce to date as far as performance. Not that Im worried about that. Im more worried about not being able to hit the trails like I want to. The pic above is from the last time we were up there early December. That’s the now famous Birkie ski trail there. We will race on that but not in that area. Farther north.

I’ll go thru the bike real quick this week. I stopped in the store yesterday (Sunday) and switched out the studded tires to the 4.5’s. I’ll sell the studded tires. I dont use them.

The next weekend I hope to get in as much riding as I can because the fatbike is sold. When I get back I have to give it up. Always a bittersweet day but its what you do when you own a bike store. But I will then be fat bikeless. The only bike I will have to ride is the cross bike (pinky). Until my Checkpoint comes in about two weeks. But I’ll still have to build that up and not sure with what yet. More on that later.



One week from today I get to cut my beard off. I start the thing November 1st and cut it off the day after the Birkie. In fact its the Fat Bike Birkie that is the switch from winter to spring for me. Not that we have a lot of winter to switch from. But when I get back next weekend the beard will be gone and I start thinking about spring orders in the store. Its kinda weird but its a thing Ive been doing for about 5 years now.

We have about 6 inches of snow forecasted tonite. We all knew that was coming. It’s still winter here but now everybody is just done with it. I always said March skiing is the best with warmer temps but with the lack of winter all season I just wish it be over. Im putting storage wax on all the rental skis this week. Doing mine too. I hope history stands and the 6 inches will turn out to be 3. Or rain. But it would be my luck the trails groom out and I dont have a bike to ride on them…

Other than that there is quite a few service bikes here and need to get done before I leave. I usually go up Thursday morn for this race weekend but its Friday this time. I hope to ride Friday afternoon, the race Saturday morn, cross my fingers I can ride Saturday afternoon and then another quick ride Sunday morn before I head home. That’s a lot of riding for me in three days. I just hope I can do it.



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