Fake Spring


Today, as in yesterday, is another awesome morning. Yesterday the high was 59 and that prompted a bike ride before work. 4 of us headed out for a quick 20 miles. Of course, I was extremely overdressed. But I did get to ride in my summer shoes. That was nice. Still trying to figure out the best route from the new store. But it will come in time.

Winter will return tomorrow. A couple inches of snow called for. Whatever.

This morn I had a good visit to my happy place. This will not be as frequent with the new store being on the other side of town. But I appreciate every time I get out there. It was a very nice visit to my fav bench. Just sat there and pondered life’s questions and issues.

As in last year, the cranes are back already. I dont know if that means a early spring or not. Or its just the time they come back regardless.

825 today

My Borealis Crestone fat bike is sold. I have to give it up as soon as I get back for the Birkie on March 12. That means I only have Pinky to ride for awhile. That’s not a bad thing. But I need to figure out what Im going to do for bikes this summer. Right now I have no idea. I do have one new bike (frame) coming. Trek wont let me tell you about until March 1st but thats tomorrow and Im sure it will be all over their web and social media. When you see it, thats the frame Im getting. Due here March 15th or so. You’ll know it when you see it. Completely new bike.

Yesterday after I got back from my ride I left my Bontrager Flare City light on in the store.

It ran bright for 8 hours. Then on battery saving mode for another hour. Many years we rode without this stuff. Back in the day these bright lights were not even born yet. But today I dont leave home without it. Currently Im using the City version of the Flare but the standard Flare R is a bit brighter. It’s bigger too and some of the roadies who hate hanging stuff on their super light and aero bikes like the smaller version of stuff like this light. It still is bright enough. Be safe out there.


As I explore the mall area Im in now I found these in our parking lot. Cutting edge tech here. I guess. I’ll keep an eye on these and see if any Teslas even park here….

That’s about it for the mid week report. Crap weather is coming in the next two days so I doubt any riding until Friday morn. Saturday group ride for sure.


Wa da ya think?

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