Bike Ride\Birkie


Im up there near the centerline…

I rode my bike. This was the first real ride since Feb 3rd. I guess I kinda knew the lack of riding would come with the store move. My weight has skyrocketed to numbers I thought I would never see. To embarrassed to even say. I have my work cut out for me. But this scenario is common for me in February. The lack of exercise during the winter months hits me right about this time. With no snow\no skiing its been a rough one.

But slowly the mornings are freeing back up and I plan another ride tomorrow morning. It’s going to be near 50 degrees by noon tomorrow. Another road ride on Pinky. First ride from the new store. We’ve got two bike specific trails that meet right in front of the mall we are in. Perfect location for a bike store and one of the main reasons I moved here.

Saturdays ride was about 20 miles. I was sore but acually felt better than I thought I would. I didn’t even think I had 20 in me at this point. But it felt good to get back on a bike and I need to build up some momentum into spring. Even if my MPH average was only 12.

In fact, in two weeks I have the Fat Bike Birkie. I have done all of these events to date and last year was my only bike race I did. Most likely this year too. This will be the sixth year.

This year it will be a paid group ride for me. Just finish. In fact I will keep it in cruise mode as much as I can in hopes to get a trail ride in later in the afternoon.



2017 (last year) was 2 degrees and no snow. I was glad to have the Farley EX.
2016. Look at my face. I out sprinted this guy at the finish for 245th place. I was so embarrassed I did that.
2015. I did OK at the race but everyone else was blown out so I hit the trails alone. I got back just before sunset….


2014 I had my 907 Whiteout. And the snow was deep up in the northwoods. I did OK in the race also. Back then it was me and maybe one other going up there. Now a bunch of riders in the area go up. At one time we had a group of 12 there. Then others in the group split up into their own groups.

I still remember the first one in 2013.  We stayed at Telemark. In fact it closed the day after we left. We were in the group that was the last to stay there before it went belly up for the last time. It was quite the experience.

Click here for a little on that historic stay.

And here is more on that stay.

And thus ends my Fat Bike Birkie history.

Hayward area continues to be my favorite place to visit. And is on my list of places to retire to. Running neck and neck with Marquette, MI. It’s a long shot but I still have hope.

I hope to get in a couple rides this week. It’s time to start training for the race in 12 days.


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