Catching Up


So with the store consuming me I have to catch up with current events, First off is the weather. 7 days ago we have great skiing. I tried to get out but to no avail. And here is what we have today. Once agin we get rain instead of snow and all the snow is gone and we are back to flooding. Just south of here they got over 2 inches or rain, we got less but its enough to end all skiing. I am pretty much done. Done with skiing, selling\renting skis. I skied twice this year. Which is just one less than last year. Thats 5 times in the last two years. Sure, we could get some snow again, and probably will. But such snow so late in the year has nobody thinking of skiing anymore. Everybody’s mind just moves on. The Birkie is this weekend and even if we did have snow most of the avid skiers cut way back after this weekend. I always said March skiing could be the best but Im really not caring much. Im not ready to put storage wax on my ski’s yet but they for sure will not be thought of much anymore.

Tomorrow looks like more rain. Temps near 40 almost everyday now with a 20 degree day throw in now and then. Im already putting together my spring bike order but will wait a few weeks for that.

I hope the coffee thing goes well. I would consider ditching the ski’s. Or maybe rentals only. I say that now. we’ll see next year.

Im still hoping to get a ride in the morning. Its suppose to rain\freezing rain then. What else is new.


Wa da ya think?

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