The Move.

First day yesterday.

We have moved and are open for biz. While there is a lot of little things to do it is done for the most part. We had everything moved and in store by Saturday afternoon. I had the truck rented for Sunday too but we took it back  a day early. Friday we had a big crew to move the heavy things. Saturday was everything else. Then Sunday was networking the computers and my I.T. guy Ben did a awesome job. Everything is hard wired and not on wifi which is the right way to do things….

Also Sunday it was set up. Another 10 hours for me. We finished most up yesterday. With just finishing touches left. A little painting to do, hanging stuff. But for the most part things are where they will be at least for awhile.

I had such good help with this. I had a great foreman in Jon V. Could not have done it without him. I will think of something to do for everyone who helped. We went from walking in, finding out the heat did not work, to open in less than 10 days. Thats nuts.

Sept 2017

Here’s what the space looked like when I first looked at it back in Sept. It’s just hard to believe what everyone did in less than 10 days.

I still have the old store until April 30th so its nice to not have to clean it out under the gun. There still is a few odds and ends over there and I will be stopping there almost every day before work to take a little at a time and to make sure things are OK there.

I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. Couple of weeks ago after we got 8 inches of snow and I did not ride long. Before that it was maybe a week prior I had the snowy road ride? It was this ride on Feb 3rd. And that one was cut short also. So its the 20th and I have no real ride to speak of in this month.

After that snowy ride on 32c road tires I went out and got these. I’ve rode the Bonty CX 0’s a ton in the past but they were 35c. Now they make 38c. Very close to the 40c Clement MSO’s I ran on the Crockett last summer. Nice all around tread. I got then right after that ride in early Feb and they have not seen any surface besides carpet. I might try to get out Thursday morn.

Its going to be weird riding from the new store. Completely across town. But there is two bike paths that criss cross right in front of the mall Im in. So it’s going to be easy to do, just weird to get used to. New scenery. Farther away from my fav park. Need to find the quickest ride there from here…..

That’s about it. Still pretty busy getting the store 100% done. If it will ever be…


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