Need extra stress relief these days.

I’ll lay down a quick post today. Tomorrow Im driving to Chicago to attend the CABDA show. This show has been going on way before I started selling bikes, then disappeared for some years. Now back bigger and better than ever. It’s a nice alternative to Interbike.

And so much easier to go to. Less than a three hour drive and in the middle of February. Its been a long time since i drove to Chicago but with my job before the bike store I did it weekly. I had not planned on going with the move this week but Im so far ahead of things that Im giving everyone the day off tomorrow. The new stores carpet is getting cleaned anyway so it needs to dry a bit before we get back to it.


Last nite a bunch for friends ( and their kids) started hanging the slatewall. We are almost ready to move! While its going to get a little quiet for the next few days it will be nuts starting Friday afternoon thru Sunday nite. Not much sleep next weekend. Im looking forward to firing up the phones and computers on Monday morn. Im both excited and crazy nervous. Pretty stressed. Im looking forward to getting the bike shop up and running and then turning my attention to coffee.

Its crazy how much I like bikes and coffee and now they’re both my livelihood. 11 years ago if you told me I’d be doing this stuff I would have laughed out loud. Or LOL as you kids say.

I might try and post a little Friday but dont count on it. Other wise Monday I’ll have a lot of pictures.


Wa da ya think?

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