New Store Game On.


Before I get into business I’ll post this pic. The Lake has built up a ton of ice again. It had a ton of ice in January, then lost it all, now again. The skiing is great. We got another 4 inches Saturday nite. Over a foot in the woods now. We got a few warmer days ahead but nothing that could hurt the trails too bad. I did not ski at all this weekend. Just not enough time. I hope to soon tho…. can’t waste these conditions.

On to business. I hate to keep saying it but we are so far ahead of schedule its crazy. I could move to the new store tomorrow. Certain things would not be done 100% but we could operate. Im glad as I will try to get out skiing a few times this week and glad I have the time to do so.


The guys did a great job of painting Saturday. Drywall holes were filled, sanded and painted in one day. Yup, four guys, one day. Thx to all! Wednesday I get the carpets cleaned. Tonite and tomorrow we hang slate wall. I have a 17 foot truck rented Friday thru Sunday. All the furniture, counters, cabinets will be in end of day Saturday. Sunday Ben, my IT guy, sets up the network. Phone and internet should be going in Friday. Then Sunday all I need to move is the product. Bikes. etc….  There still is a lot to do. One thing at a time. Take a deep breathe…


I did get outside for a while on Sunday. After working in the old store all morning I decided all work and no play makes Dan a dull boy. So I grabbed the bike and headed to our local city park for a quickie. We got 4 fresh inches of snow and I was surprised at noon to be the first thru. I still have the 4in studded tires on the bike and that was not the best for the deep, soft snow. I struggled to keep it upright. So I cut the ride a bit short. I decided that just going home and relaxing the rest of the day would not be a bad idea either.

This morning my Trek Rep stopped in the new store to give me some fresh ideas on the new space. I bounced some ideas off him and he bounced some off me. Should be a nice looking store for sure. Once the bike stuff is up and running then its time to set up the coffee shop. That will be fun to start with a clean slate also. The Colectivo people are giving me a lot to think about….

So thats about it for today… Better get to it…


Wa da ya think?

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