Time to Ski

I finally got the keys to the kingdom this morn. A full 8 days behind schedule. It is now game on. Its 11 days until the store is fully functional in the new space and Im not really sure I can pull that off. But I really have no choice now. Just have to give it the best shot I can.


Tomorrow and Saturday will be prep the walls for painting. Sunday will be back in the old store disassembling the larger counters. Then Monday\Tuesday\Wednesday will be painting and getting the carpet steam cleaned. Then I’ve rented a truck for Friday\Saturday Sunday. The store then opening Monday, the 19th. I won’t be doing much else for the next 10 days. It looks pretty daunting today, but I am looking forward to the new location. I had Colectivo Coffee in the space on Tuesday with a big thumbs up. They are pricing all my equipment and will set it up. That helps a ton. But thats after the bike store is done and fully functional so none of that is on my radar today.

I did get to groom the ski trails Tuesday. Then even got a lap in on Wednesday.  The trails are in pretty good shape. The snow we got Sat\Sun groomed up nice. Im bust today and tomorrow but hope to get in another lap on Saturday morn instead of the group ride. I think Im going to lean on the skis a bit more instead of the bike.

First tracks of the winter

You gotta make hay when the sun shines so if I want to ski more this year than last (3 times) then Im going to lean on hitting the trails for awhile. That will leave some time for the bike trails to get run in a bit too…. Im even going to out a new coat of wax on the ol’ skis this afternoon.

Im happy to get the snow but its crazy that I laid first tracks on Feb 7th. I groomed the park 3 times so far and each time had no base. I was grooming on bare grass. It now looks like we have a base and even if its only for a couple weeks would be nice to get a little more snow on top. That would make excellent trails…. Anyway…  its game on with skiing…

Game on.

So it looks like skiing and store moving for me in the days to come. Better get to it… This is most likely my last post this week. Tomorrow Im in the new store covering all the holes in the walls with some spackle before I open the old store. I hope I can report some progress by Monday! Have a good weekend.



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