Typical Monday

Quite the strange weekend. Just a weird one not for any one particular reason. But I’ll start off with Saturdays group ride. A crew of 5 or 6 left and I knew we might have snowy roads but then the snow was not going to start more towards noon. So we had dry concrete to start the ride. 30 minutes in it starts snowing. A ton. It wasn’t long before we had snow covered roads. Like 15 minutes. I was on 32c road tires on my bike so I was the first to turn back. I rode home solo. By the time I got back to the store, some 15 miles in, was down to 5 mph and relied on mad skilz not to hit the deck.

Saturday. A little slickery.

At the time it does not look like a lot but it was slippery with road tires. Since this pic was taken we have received about 8 inches of new snow. More on that later.

After I flipped to get back to the store a few others continued, most on MTB’s. They really did not get much farther. Once they all got back to the store I was cleaned up and having my coffee when they told me one of us fell on the ice pretty good. Needed a ride to the hospital where they found a broken leg. Into surgery to fix it. Bummer. Heal fast Mike J!

Again, when we left it was clear roads but the snow fell fast. Im putting on a wider cross tire on the bike this week with a bit more tread. Should have those on anyway….

Then I had called out a fat bike ride in out local park Sunday and maybe 5 showed but I bailed. The snow was just too deep for me to break trail. I would have been walking 40% of the time and thats just not so fun. A couple guys headed out and Im not sure how it went.

We did get about 8 inches of snow and I’ll take a crack on grooming the ski trail tomorrow. I would have today but it was -5 this morn and thats just a bit too cold for me to do that. Tomorrow at noon sounds better. However I did go out to the park to try and start the snowmobile to no avail. The Rangers decided to keep it outside and at -5 it just would not start. So even if I tried I would not have groomed this morn. They need to keep it inside as usual. Hope they change their mind on that today.

Well, its Feb 5th and i still do not have the keys to the new space. Now they say tomorrow. I’ve been very patient but thats waning. My timeline has me in there up and running two weeks from today.  That’s not looking good today….

Tomorrow I have a carpet guy and Colectivo coffee stopping in to talk. In my mind the coffee would not start until a month after we get in there but if its sooner thats fine. I’ve got what seems like 50 things to do any many of them are in some kind of succession. I can’t to some until others are done first. Which is the norm with projects like this. Very frustrating.

I better get to it. With the new snow Im sure I’ll get a uptick in the winter gear….


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