Pending Weekend w\Snow

So the weather dudes are calling for snow. They are saying chance of snow from Saturday to Thursday on and off. 10 inches possible altogether. I’ll believe it when I see it. The bare grass we have now is very depressing. So I hope so.

So with all the extra work going on here, along with the single digit temps I have not rode a bike since last Saturday morn. No, wait.. Sunday. Still, either way I’m not moving as much as I should. I DSCN0035even looked for my spin bike. I found it upstairs. I wont touch it just yet but at least I know where it is if things get that bad.

As it turns out, my new store is just two doors away from a pretty big Planet Fitness. That might be a good thing. A quickie before the store opens would be a definite possibility. In winter that is…

I should get the keys to the new spot Monday, Tuesday at the latest. The exchange of paperwork the last few weeks leading up to today has been excruciating. I’m dealing with the owner in New York, the managing entity in Milwaukee and the insurance group somewhere else. All three really don’t know what the others are doing. One branch tells me one thing and another branch says something else. It’s just been a scenario that seems more stressful than it needed to be. I mean, all these people do this stuff for a living. I would thing they would have this better streamlined by now. So today, their insurance people is arguing with my insurance people on limits. We spend the time and money to set insurance per contract and they come back with something different. I’ll stop complaining. All I can say is its been stressful. Moving on.

The new digs.

I should get a ride in tomorrow morning with the group. Pretty much looks like a road ride and I’ll ride Pinky again. Second ride since being re born. I hate winter road rides. The woods is still a bit icy and the beach is crap too. We’ll see with the upcoming snow if that changes.

If we do get the trails back to snow covered I might take the studs off the bike. That would mean one ride to date on those tires. And again, why did I spend the mony for that? I should always go with my gut on that stuff. Those tires are really expensive and if you only “need” then 3 or 4 times a winter not worth the expense. I say “need” because there are many times studs could have helped but were not needed. People ranting on how their stud were gripping the corners but I was doing the same without. I’ll keep them I guess. Maybe when the freeze\thaw cycle starts this spring I could use them again.

So I better get back to the paperwork. Have a good weekend. Get outside.


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