Ship|The Move.


This morn the Canadian Algowood sailed past. It’s pretty late in the winter to see a ship so I was a bit surprised to see it. It’s a pretty old and beat up ship.


I caught some surfers braving the winter waters here in town at the same time. Sometimes I get lucky with this stuff and get a nice shot. Keep in mind I have my camera with me 24\7.

I was going to ride this morn. The temps are above freezing but I did not ride. I just have so much to do. Physically and mentally. I have lots of help for the physical stuff but its the mental stuff thats stresses one out.

Of course Im referring to the moving of the store. Today I head down to my bank to sign the lease, get it notarized and overnited to New York city. And then its game on. Zero to 100mph in a day.

There will be a dip in my ride time in the next month. I apologize in advance to anyone that I may seem a little crabby or short with. In my head right now, as I type this Im thinking about plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning, switching utilities, forwarding mail, all the address changes, having a moving sale, proper advertising and signage at both the old store and the new one.


  Painting, clean up, floor planning, permits. And all this before I even sign the lease pictured here. Put my name on that thing and it go time.

In fact, I have been working on this since last September. And Im even tho I might complain about the amount of attention this kind of thing needs Im pretty excited about it. I have not gone into detail about it but here it is in a nutshell.

Im moving to the Taylor Heights Mall on the west side of town. 3000 square feet. In addition to moving the store, Im adding a coffee shop featuring Colectivo coffee products. Full on coffee shop. Tables, chairs, couch and a big screen. Even a small bar\counter to sit at. Small baked goods too of course.

The bike shop will move February 18th. Coffee shop to open a month later. This combo is a business model that has proved to work. And Im lucky to have found a perfect location for such a thing.

I do like the building Im in today. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. And Im glad I moved here 5 years ago but with the idea of adding a second business in the same building  just would not work here. And I hope this is the last time I have to move. I signed the usual 5 year lease and I will be 62 when its up. And time to retire?

Anyhoo, this will consume me for awhile so bare with me. I’ll still try to get in a ride or two, and have a pic or two of the lake now and then. So it might look like things are normal. And as far as a blog,  perception is reality.


Wa da ya think?

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