Weekend Update (w\studs)


Pretty nice weekend. Got in two rides. Saturday was the group ride. And I sucked so bad. Dropped at least three times. Cripes. Im not surprised tho…  My “winter” fitness is in full bloom. Which means lack of. With the store move my stress levels are up and my overall activities is way down. Not a good combo. Anyway, moving on.

I got the store store early on Friday to make sure I got Pinky up and running for the ride Saturday. And here she is all done up. I’ve had this bike since 2004, I think its a 2001. It’s been in many configurations. A ton. I’ve done several posts on all the bikes this frame has been.

Here’s one from 2011

Here’s one from 2014.

I could go on forever. (but I won’t). This is the bike I took on my longest tour. 18 days in 2008. I’ll never get rid of it.

2008 Bike Tour. Pic taken in Door County.

Here I am at one of my many campsites that trip. So many memories, so long ago….

So the bike is back up and running and will most likely use it until I get my road bike set up for this summer sometime in April. It’s a weird bike to ride at first. Such old geometry and such a rough ride. But thats what we rode back then. I borrowed the wheels and put about $400 in getting it back up and running. New crank, headset and brakes and stem… the rest of the stuff I had laying around. Anyway…  my knees started getting used to the bike late in the ride. Im sure it will feel better the more I ride it. It’s something to hold me over till spring…

Saturdays ride was about 30 miles and I got back to the store maybe 5 minutes after everyone else. Well over half the ride was solo and thats fine. I just need more seat time.

Sunday was stud tire test day. And its not that I need to test them. I know how they ride. But I needed to get out on all the ice I could find to try and justify the purchase in my mind.


So I hit up our local city park and found plenty ice.  I did not ride off to any side of the trails but over as much ice as I could. Dammit, if Im going to pay big bucks for studded tire Im going to use them.


 Needless to say, the tires worked fine but I went down hard twice. Pretty much my fault each time. Both on some off camber ice. Downhills were pretty sketchy too. A GoPro camera would have been interesting to have.

There is a ton of ice everywhere right now and as spring’s freeze\thaw cycle sets in could be more.

I just might leave these things on until the Birkie in March. Unless we get a ton of snow and the trails are deep and soft, then I’ll go back to the bigger tire. But right now I dont see that in any forecast. With the beach unrideable right now its the woods we have left and thats where all the ice hangs out. The real inconvenience with studs is the very little road riding I did with the fat bike. Maybe just ride the road over to the parks. With the studs thats just way too annoying with the racket the studs make on the roads. But thats a very small inconvenience.

So I guess hell has frozen over. Im running studded tires for awhile anyway.  I’ll sell them cheap when Im done with them in a little over a month….

Better get to work. For a Monday there is a ton of things to do….



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