ICE (ice baby)


Sorry about that title. Could not help myself. I rode at our local park this morn. So much ice. Look at the ice behind the bike. Tons like that all over.

In the past I really never considered studded tires. They were expensive. And really you only could use them maybe four times a winter. Why spend $400+ on a set of tires that only help you a few times a year. Some people buy them and run them all winter and I get that. But dont tell me they are helping you on some sweet groomed snow trails. I know better. Those little spikes in your tires are only there for ice and ice only. Otherwise you are just dragging them around. And I always said studs just make up for lack of skills. But as I get older Im starting to think different.

But… hell must’ve froze over. I just ordered a set. My first ever. The park was so icy that I had to walk the bike out. The Terrene Cake Eater’s are all the rage these days.  It’s a 4in tire so a little smaller than I have right now. But I like these a bit better as the lugs are not huge. Most studded tires have larger lugs thinking they are winter only. And ride those tires down a road and its pretty annoying. The Cake Eater’s have a pretty tame center on them. Not any bigger than the tread on my Bontys now. And not that much heavier, maybe 100 grams a tire. So what the hell, give then a try. If ice and rain is what its going to be here from now on the so be it.

You need to evolve with the times…  Last winter was pretty much a ice winter and now this winter too.

Im going to pretty busy with new store stuff tomorrow so this is the last post of the week. Big day tomorrow as I sign the new lease. And then its game on. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and wonder what Im getting myself into. Other times Im pretty pumped for this new and improved store. Once I sign the lease shit’s gonna happen fast.

Bring it on.

As I mentioned, Im building Pinky back up and should have it done for the group ride Saturday. At least thats the plan. Have a good weekend. Get outside. Its going to be warm here. In the 40’s.


1 thought on “ICE (ice baby)

  1. I know what you mean about studded tires. I put them on my bike “again”, this year and rode them once before changing back. There is simply not enough snow here in southeastern MA to justify studs or fat tires.

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