False Winter 2018

By false I mean shitty. Once again I get somewhat groomable snow and even got in one ski, then 3 days later it rains. And not just rain but pouring. Flooding out streets.


Here is our ski trails this morn. Its nuts. 7 Days ago we got close to 15 inches of snow. I just groomed this Friday morn. You can still see the tracks. Very depressing.

Heading into this winter the weather dudes called for a more “normal” winter than last year. Colder and more precipitation. Once again just 100 miles north its snowing like crazy. It’s like this invisible line just north of us that does not let snow cross it. Same as last year.

Here’s a post from last winter.

Or this one.

Point is, this is the way it’s going to be I guess. A week like this you can’t ski or ride a bike. I guess there is a small chance of a Tuesday nite ride tomorrow. The temp is supposed to drop below freezing tonite after midnite. But not really sure what the woods will look like. Most likely a ice skating rink.


We did get a ride in on Saturday before the rains came. A nice group of 10 or so rode to breakfast. The place we go to has a thing called the blue plate. If you get the blue plate your food is free and after doing this ride for over 10 years it finally happened to me.


I rode my newly updated BMC spring bike and found that its too small for me. One would think I would measure this shit but I dont. So its back to the drawing board for a spring\road\cross bike. And with the winters we now have you need a bike that you can ride on the road. Not that I want to. My activity takes such a dive this time of year. I stress a bit more. I eat more and move less which is a disaster for me.

And February is pretty booked up with moving the store and such. I’ll always find the time to ride I hope. Actually, I should do more than just ride. This is where the skiing always came in. And of course thats non existant.

This is always a issue but always in spring. Not all winter long. Looking at the 10 day… no snow. Maybe a 40 degree day or two. Just not a real winter. I’ll complain about this a lot. It’s just who I am.

Better get to work.


Wa da ya think?

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