More Snow

Its snowed more after this pic was taken.

Im still trying to get caught up in my life. Between being gone last weekend, then coming home to snow that I have to both groom and shovel, and deal with my “project” that I need to announce soon its been a busy three days. Today I get to breathe a bit.

I got out on the groomer Tuesday morn. With over a foot of snow you would think it would be good to go. But it was not. The snow was so dry and light that it would not stick together. I was driving the snowmobile in a foot of snow but it was riding on the ground. There is just no way you can groom that snow.

I ended up just using the snowmobile to slowly roll the snow and I did manage to get some base. But it was so loose. Like mashed potatoes as they say. Im thinking of giving it another try tomorrow morn. Just to see if the snow set up a bit more. But alas we have Friday and Saturday to enjoy it if it does as its going to rain Sunday and Monday. Hopefully not too much. Time will tell.

Its been too long. I’ve really been working on this since Sept. I’ve been hinting about it here and have told many people already. The project Im working on is Im moving my store to a good sized Mall. That alone is a lot of work. But I’m also adding a coffee shop in the same space. I won’t go into detail just yet and still are working out a lot of details. DISCLAIMER: I have not yet signed the lease. The are working on drafting the final and have not gotten it to me yet but things like cost and such is set in stone. I have been working with a plumber to nail down the cost of the coffee bar of late.

Timeline in my head (which is never right) has me in the space to paint and such Feb 1st. The store moves on Sunday, Feb 18th. Once the bike store is up and running then the coffee shop get set up. The coffee aspect will have its own space. Tables, chairs and maybe a couch. Big screen on the wall. Should be nice. At least it is in my head.

Anyway, that and a ton of other things have been bouncing around in my head and its all just talk until I sign on the dotted line which I thought was this week but looks like the next.

More to come on that.

If I dont groom the park tomorrow morn I will ride my bike. So this is the last post this week. Have a good weekend. Get outside.



1 thought on “More Snow

  1. Awesome news dan! I have a spare 50 inch monitor in box if your need it,, probably 3 times the resolution you need, 🙂 we can trade

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