I have never seen the ice formations out that far as long as I can remember. Not sure what prompted that condition. The beach is crap to ride on as you can see. The ice shoved all the way to the grass.

So much going on today I can’t keep up. I have a ton of pics about our Marquette trip but it gets tossed aside today for snow. We got our snowfall we have been looking for. 6 to 8 inches on the ground right now. Mostly along the lake. Snow starved people like me are calling for ski rentals. Its crazy. The snow first started falling about 9am today and I had rentals out the door by noon.

I should get to groom the park tomorrow morn. That might take 4 hours or so. As crazy as it sounds I might get to ski on Wednesday morn!

We had a great time in Marquette and I have a lot to say about it. The trails were the best I have ever been on. And I’ll explain why later. Right now I have to prep some ski’s and get that park groomed so no post tomorrow either. Maybe later in the day.

With the snow the bike trails should get in better shape too. We dont groom for bikes here but we just run them in. Im sure a few have been on the local trails already.

Again, I was ready for a huge post about the trip this weekend, and its coming, but this snow just threw me for a loop and Im just scrambling to accommodate.

Talk soon.


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