Perfect Conditions

We are on the cusp of leaving for Marquette. It now looks like only two of us are going. Over the past few years the excuses sounded like…

“its too much snow, the trails are going to suck’

“its too cold the trails are going to suck”

“its too warm the trails are going to suck”

“there’s not enough snow the trails are going to suck”

I’ll say this. If you always wait for the perfect conditions you will never go.

Our first trip to Marquette in winter with bikes was maybe 2013. We had maybe 12 people with us. Last year out Marquette trip was 3 bikes. This year it might be 2. What the hell is going on? If we had 12 bikes in 2013 we should have 20 in 2018.

Our 2013 crew.

Last year it was a warm winter. The winter riding up there was for sure hit and miss. But it just so happened we hit the best weekend up there in a few months. All I kept telling people is “you should have went”. Some just did not believe the conditions were that good last year when we came back home to green grass.

Heres a post on last year’s trip.

Now this year there’s too much snow? Maybe. But like I said yesterday, you need to take a leap of faith. Besides, the riding here at home is frozen ground and ice so what do you have to lose? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Some guys are waiting for the last minute to make the call but I can’t do that. My window for this stuff is small and I have to take it when I can. Good or bad.

The temps will be cold. Single digits both days. Which I find totally doable. Especially if the sun is out. I’ve got one bike to tune up and a set of fat bike wheels to set up tubeless. Maybe a little bit of paperwork but thats about it all day. Get the bike on the car and odds & ends in the car. Ready to launch at 6am tomorrow. Im glad to get out of town even if its just a few days before a big project I have starting in two weeks.

I should be able to announce that project on January 19th. It’s been hard not to talk about it. Other than that get outside and have a good weekend. You know I will.


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