False Winter (again)

Here we are, almost mid January and I see ton of green grass. Once again Im calling out false winter.

Here’s a post on last years false winter.

Here’s a couple pics of the of the ski trails in the park today.

50 degrees and rain. On the right you can still my snowmobile tracks when I tried to roll the snow in last month. The only difference this year from last is that this year we never had trails to begin with. Last year we had good snow and lost it in a week. So in fact, this year is even worse than the crappy year we had last year.

Is this the way its going to be from now on? 100 miles north is good snow. 100 miles east is good snow. It seems we are just on the wrong side of Lake Michigan. It’s very frustrating.

Now with all the all day rain the temps will plummet 30 degrees colder later today. Could be tons of ice. If it is I might consider my first set of studded tires. Last year was a good studded tire year. Snow\rain then cold. Lots of ice around.

I’ve never had a set of studded fat bike tires. Sure, there was a few times I could have used it but I just did not need them enough to put them on the bike full time. Maybe the current weather scenario will change my mind. But probably not.

Tomorrow I pack for Marquette. I leave at 6am Saturday.

Favorite pic of Marquette

I hear they could get a ton of snow today and tonite. Which is kinda bad. I remember last year we went up there after a good snow on Friday and the trails were ungroomed all weekend. I was kinda upset but one has to remember that its all volunteer work up there. Still, we spent a lot of money to go up there and it was all pretty deep and ungroomed.

I sure hope that is not the case this weekend. It’s going to be a wet snow I hope and the much colder temps might set the snow up perfectly. You just never know.

Its 35 there right now and at ride time Saturday and Sunday it will be in the single digits…. As with any kind of snow sports when you travel its a leap of faith on what the conditions will be. More tomorrow.



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