Temps (part two)

Almost 40 degrees and rain today. Almost 50 degrees and more rain tomorrow. If it was snow we would be getting about 10 inches. But as in other years its cold, then a low pressure comes in, it warms up and rains, then its cold again. No snow. It’s now almost the middle of January and we have has just over 4 inches of snow this winter. And 3 of it came the middle of December. We have had only an inch of snow in the last month. That is crazy and unbelievable.

This was the year they said colder and more precipitation. While it has been cold, bitter cold, that just compounds the lack of snow sports we have here. Go 100 miles north and its game on. Even 60 miles north they are skiing. We still barely have the grass covered here. Anyway, I will complain about this a lot. But nothing I can do.

Except head north to Marquette. I dont mean to sound cryptic but this weekend will be the last weekend I get out until the Fatbike Birkie in March. I have a lot on my plate in February. Soon I can talk about it. But I can’t just yet.

So Saturday morn at 6am I am headed to the great white north. Tons of snow up there. Its warm there too. Upper 30’s today and tomorrow. Then, it plummets to the single digits for highs this weekend. Which means the groomed snow trails might just be rock hard and fast. In fact the locals are calling out the best conditions up there in over a year. Its going to be about 7 degrees when we ride Saturday, 3 or 4 degrees Sunday morn. But I think the sun will be out so its all good. Besides, if the trails are in that good of shape nobody’s going to care about the cold. Im looking forward to it.

Yesterday I finished my spring ride. I had planned on a ride this morn. I dressed for it but when I got to the store it was misting pretty good, temps around 34 degrees and there was a few icy spots. So that was a no go. Tomorrow is a no go too. Im too busy in the morn both tomorrow and Friday morn. So the next time I ride is Saturday in Marquette.

The BMC logo in the downtube is reflective. Nice touch.

All set to ride the crappy spring roads. Added an old FSA carbon bar and a carbon Next post. Stuff I just had laying around. This will be the ride when its too warm for the beach or woods. It might not see a lot of action right now but come March it should be the bike of choice.

That’s about it for today. I acually have a few bikes to work on. I’ll get them done and gone before I leave for Marquette. Most likely a quick post on Friday….


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