Well, it was -4 Saturday morn and now its 32 degrees Monday morn. The Wed\Thurs rain is almost a sure thing says the weather people. Its funny if they call out a snow storm they’re usually wrong, but when they call out warm and rain its right on.

Today I walked on the beach in a Tshirt. 32 degrees feels like such a heat wave. Especially since the sun was out.

With no ride on Saturday we headed out for a beach ride Sunday morn. It was not that good. Huge waves had the surf way up the beach, sometimes shoving the ice formations way up too. We only rode it a mile or so and got off. Then it was mostly a road ride. Which was a bummer on the fat bike but I had the tires pumped up to 17 pounds. Still, road riding on a fat bike isn’t that fun considering what else you can do with it.

Right now the fat bike is all I have to ride. And with the cold temps it was about the only kind of bike to ride. It was way too cold for road riding. But this week that changes with temps in the 40’s Wed\Thurs. When the temps get that high the beach is no good and the Saturday breakfast rides are mostly all road. In that past Ive always had some form of cross bike to ride. But I sold my nice Crockett in November. So I’ve been looking for something to ride when the temps warm up.

Enter the BMC Alpenchallenge. It’s a hybrid street bike. What I like about it is the hydro disc, which is a must with spring riding, and that its got a road driveline. Its only a 9 speed Shimano Sora but its a 2 by 9 with a compact 34\50 and not a triple chainring like most bikes in its category. Its got 35c street tires. Its pretty much a flat bar road bike. I threw on some fenders I had laying around, maybe switch out a few other parts. I have a carbon bar and seatpost I can use too. I like just switching up a few things to make the bike feel like mine at least for awhile.

On our group rides its almost all MTB’s with a few cross bikes thrown in. But when there is no beach or woods available to ride this bike will be just as nice as a cross bike on the road. Maybe a bit more comfy too. I very rarely pull bikes off the floor to ride but in the middle of winter its not a big deal. I have no problem riding this bike on the winter\spring roads until I get my summer road bike whenever that is.

I’ve been known to be a trendsetter so maybe this is the winter road bike of the future. Maybe the guys will ditch their MTB’s on the winter group ride and go with something like this. Maybe not. We’ll see how versatile it is.

That’s about it for this weekend. Next ride might be the Tuesday nite ride. Its going to be 30+ degrees then. Over 30 degrees warmer from last weeks ride. Then its in the 40’s and maybe I’ll put my first ride on the BMC. Then, its prep for Marquette this weekend. Plenty of snow there.


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