Still Cold

The cold weather continues into the third week. A good day to ride has been a day above zero. Tuesdays nite ride was +5 degrees. It looks like the Saturday group ride will be cancelled for the third week in a row with a morning temp of around -4.

Once again this has not been a good winter for sports. We have had less than 5 inches of snow total so far this winter. That is less than 1\3rd the normal. Toss in the sub zero temps ongoing since the 3rd week of December.

Just not a good weather scenario for the store. In the back of my mind I wonder if I should even continue stocking winter sports. I know I always will but maybe cut way back. Both skis and snowshoes in both sales and rentals have been just a trickle to date this season. No ski trails are groomed here. The fat bike riding has been OK but it takes one 40 minutes to dress for the cold temps. That gets old after a few weeks.

Makes me think about my retirement plans. Hayward,WI has always been my destination of choice but man, they have seen double digit sub zero’s for two weeks ongoing. I’ve seen a few nites near 30 below there last week. Can I even handle that? Im pretty sure I can but it still makes me think about it.

I have two pair of winter boots. One mid weight Shimano thats good to almost the teens. Anything below that I have a pair of Bontrager OMW boots that are warmer. Last winter I wore the Bonty boots 3 times. All winter. This year I’ve used them more than 10 rides before it was January. Last year it hit the 40’s many times and rained a lot. Such a crappy winter the last two years

Alas, looking at the 10 day has temps moderating into the more normal 20’s starting Sunday. Upper 20’s almost 30 on Monday. That’s over 40 degrees warmer than a few days ago. Maybe 2 inches of snow Sunday. I’ll believe it when I see it. Even if it does snow, thats not enough to get the ski trails going. Where is all the precipitation? Look at next Thursday, a week from now. If it really rains Im going to lose my shit.


All the snow is up in the U.P. I just made my reservations for Marquette on the 13th. They have been getting almost too much snow up there. Ive heard its been a chore just to keep up with the daily snowfall.  I  wish that was a problem down here.

Anyway, in just over a week a few of us will be there for a couple of days. Just a quick two day one nite visit. Hope it stops snowing for a few days and lets the trails set up a little for us.

It looks like my next chance for a ride is next Sunday. Hell, at 26 degrees I could go on a road ride. This could be the last post till after the weekend. So get outside. Im not so sure what you would be doing but get outside nonetheless.


Wa da ya think?

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