Here was a pleasant surprise this morn. The Paul R Tregurtha was passing as I went to work today. Most ships have hung it up for the winter by now but there are a few still braving the sub zero weather. At 1013 feet long this is the biggest ship in the Great Lakes. Soon the locks will close and all shipping stops until March 15th.This could be the last ship I see this winter.

And off she goes….

Its Tuesday the 2nd and we are finishing up the end of our second week of below zero temps. With about one more week to go. While the outside riding has been less its still been going on a bit. Five of us rode the beach Sunday. It was almost 10 degrees, a heat wave in comparison. Tonite Im going to try the Tuesday nite ride. It’s been non-existent the last two weeks with below zero temps. If you think sub temps are hard to ride during the day try it at nite. The effect seems to double in the dark. But tonight’s its going to be around 9 or 10 degrees so its game on. And that looks like that going to be it until the weekend. Temps plunging yet again tomorrow. Double digit sub zero. I too old for that shit.

For as much as Im riding in these temps there is a lack of pictures. And thats just because its so hard to pull your gloves off and dig in your pocket for your phone or camera when its so damn cold. So no pics of late.

In other news Im planning a trip up to Marquette on the 13th\14th. Leave early Saturday, make the 4 hour drive and get a ride in around noonish. Stay the nite and take in the Marquette  nightlife and get up Sunday for another nice ride. Maybe some lunch and head home. It sounds like a lot of driving for the ride time and it might be but its worth it if the trails are in good shape. With the cold weather I hear they are rock hard and fast as a hiway of late. But a lot can change in a week and a half. But I have hope. Should be fun.

Today I start closing the stores books on 2017. That’s a chore Im not fond of. I audit all of the vender accounts and match up payments to invoices. Stuff like that. All in all it takes me about 20 hours to get things ready to send to the accountant for final audit. The hardest thing is getting started. Once I get rolling it go’s pretty smooth. I like to do this when Im closed so I can do so undisturbed. But I try to sneak in a hour or two during the day.

2017 was a strange year for the store. In the beginning I had to deal with the lack of winter sports and to close the year I have to deal with the lack of winter sports.

Its hard to believe that the summer selling season could start anytime after about 8 weeks from now. Thats nuts. Without snow the next eight weeks could seem like a lot longer. Here’s to getting some actual winter weather…



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