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Ship|The Move.


This morn the Canadian Algowood sailed past. It’s pretty late in the winter to see a ship so I was a bit surprised to see it. It’s a pretty old and beat up ship.


I caught some surfers braving the winter waters here in town at the same time. Sometimes I get lucky with this stuff and get a nice shot. Keep in mind I have my camera with me 24\7.

I was going to ride this morn. The temps are above freezing but I did not ride. I just have so much to do. Physically and mentally. I have lots of help for the physical stuff but its the mental stuff thats stresses one out.

Of course Im referring to the moving of the store. Today I head down to my bank to sign the lease, get it notarized and overnited to New York city. And then its game on. Zero to 100mph in a day.

There will be a dip in my ride time in the next month. I apologize in advance to anyone that I may seem a little crabby or short with. In my head right now, as I type this Im thinking about plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning, switching utilities, forwarding mail, all the address changes, having a moving sale, proper advertising and signage at both the old store and the new one.


  Painting, clean up, floor planning, permits. And all this before I even sign the lease pictured here. Put my name on that thing and it go time.

In fact, I have been working on this since last September. And Im even tho I might complain about the amount of attention this kind of thing needs Im pretty excited about it. I have not gone into detail about it but here it is in a nutshell.

Im moving to the Taylor Heights Mall on the west side of town. 3000 square feet. In addition to moving the store, Im adding a coffee shop featuring Colectivo coffee products. Full on coffee shop. Tables, chairs, couch and a big screen. Even a small bar\counter to sit at. Small baked goods too of course.

The bike shop will move February 18th. Coffee shop to open a month later. This combo is a business model that has proved to work. And Im lucky to have found a perfect location for such a thing.

I do like the building Im in today. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. And Im glad I moved here 5 years ago but with the idea of adding a second business in the same building  just would not work here. And I hope this is the last time I have to move. I signed the usual 5 year lease and I will be 62 when its up. And time to retire?

Anyhoo, this will consume me for awhile so bare with me. I’ll still try to get in a ride or two, and have a pic or two of the lake now and then. So it might look like things are normal. And as far as a blog,  perception is reality.


Weekend Update (w\studs)


Pretty nice weekend. Got in two rides. Saturday was the group ride. And I sucked so bad. Dropped at least three times. Cripes. Im not surprised tho…  My “winter” fitness is in full bloom. Which means lack of. With the store move my stress levels are up and my overall activities is way down. Not a good combo. Anyway, moving on.

I got the store store early on Friday to make sure I got Pinky up and running for the ride Saturday. And here she is all done up. I’ve had this bike since 2004, I think its a 2001. It’s been in many configurations. A ton. I’ve done several posts on all the bikes this frame has been.

Here’s one from 2011

Here’s one from 2014.

I could go on forever. (but I won’t). This is the bike I took on my longest tour. 18 days in 2008. I’ll never get rid of it.

2008 Bike Tour. Pic taken in Door County.

Here I am at one of my many campsites that trip. So many memories, so long ago….

So the bike is back up and running and will most likely use it until I get my road bike set up for this summer sometime in April. It’s a weird bike to ride at first. Such old geometry and such a rough ride. But thats what we rode back then. I borrowed the wheels and put about $400 in getting it back up and running. New crank, headset and brakes and stem… the rest of the stuff I had laying around. Anyway…  my knees started getting used to the bike late in the ride. Im sure it will feel better the more I ride it. It’s something to hold me over till spring…

Saturdays ride was about 30 miles and I got back to the store maybe 5 minutes after everyone else. Well over half the ride was solo and thats fine. I just need more seat time.

Sunday was stud tire test day. And its not that I need to test them. I know how they ride. But I needed to get out on all the ice I could find to try and justify the purchase in my mind.


So I hit up our local city park and found plenty ice.  I did not ride off to any side of the trails but over as much ice as I could. Dammit, if Im going to pay big bucks for studded tire Im going to use them.


 Needless to say, the tires worked fine but I went down hard twice. Pretty much my fault each time. Both on some off camber ice. Downhills were pretty sketchy too. A GoPro camera would have been interesting to have.

There is a ton of ice everywhere right now and as spring’s freeze\thaw cycle sets in could be more.

I just might leave these things on until the Birkie in March. Unless we get a ton of snow and the trails are deep and soft, then I’ll go back to the bigger tire. But right now I dont see that in any forecast. With the beach unrideable right now its the woods we have left and thats where all the ice hangs out. The real inconvenience with studs is the very little road riding I did with the fat bike. Maybe just ride the road over to the parks. With the studs thats just way too annoying with the racket the studs make on the roads. But thats a very small inconvenience.

So I guess hell has frozen over. Im running studded tires for awhile anyway.  I’ll sell them cheap when Im done with them in a little over a month….

Better get to work. For a Monday there is a ton of things to do….



ICE (ice baby)


Sorry about that title. Could not help myself. I rode at our local park this morn. So much ice. Look at the ice behind the bike. Tons like that all over.

In the past I really never considered studded tires. They were expensive. And really you only could use them maybe four times a winter. Why spend $400+ on a set of tires that only help you a few times a year. Some people buy them and run them all winter and I get that. But dont tell me they are helping you on some sweet groomed snow trails. I know better. Those little spikes in your tires are only there for ice and ice only. Otherwise you are just dragging them around. And I always said studs just make up for lack of skills. But as I get older Im starting to think different.

But… hell must’ve froze over. I just ordered a set. My first ever. The park was so icy that I had to walk the bike out. The Terrene Cake Eater’s are all the rage these days.  It’s a 4in tire so a little smaller than I have right now. But I like these a bit better as the lugs are not huge. Most studded tires have larger lugs thinking they are winter only. And ride those tires down a road and its pretty annoying. The Cake Eater’s have a pretty tame center on them. Not any bigger than the tread on my Bontys now. And not that much heavier, maybe 100 grams a tire. So what the hell, give then a try. If ice and rain is what its going to be here from now on the so be it.

You need to evolve with the times…  Last winter was pretty much a ice winter and now this winter too.

Im going to pretty busy with new store stuff tomorrow so this is the last post of the week. Big day tomorrow as I sign the new lease. And then its game on. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed and wonder what Im getting myself into. Other times Im pretty pumped for this new and improved store. Once I sign the lease shit’s gonna happen fast.

Bring it on.

As I mentioned, Im building Pinky back up and should have it done for the group ride Saturday. At least thats the plan. Have a good weekend. Get outside. Its going to be warm here. In the 40’s.



Pic on left was this morn. Pic on right was Sunday morn. Same spot.  What a difference a day makes.

As winter here is getting slowly dismantled it seems Im going thru some kind of strange phase. The kind that starts with denial and ends with acceptance, with a few others in between.

Im really not sure what I feel today. Im the kind of guy who is affected by the weather a ton. And since we live in a area that has neither winter or summer for at least 5 months out of the year I find myself trying to accept it quicker than I usually do.

Looking at the 10 day, nothing shows except a lot more upper 30’s and even a few 40’s for temps. All of a sudden we go from fatbikes to some form of road\cross bike to ride. Which I do not have as I type. Remember the BMC I built to ride this spring?  Yesterday I mentioned it was too small for me. Well, the bike is actually a Med and I thought it was a large. The tag (that I made) even says large. The bike (and the invoice) say Med. Once again I need to pay attention to what Im riding. I guess I just dont want to spend a lot of time on my bikes when I have others to deal with. I need to learn to treat my bikes the same as a customers I guess. Anyway… that bike to small. Back to the drawing board for a bike to ride on pavement. And I’ve decided to build, not pull one off the floor. I hate doing that. Even in January. Im sure I have at least 3\4th of a bike laying around in parts right now. With a move pending, it would not be a bad idea to put all those parts on a frame anyway.

So I will build up the bike I call Pinky. I’ve has that old Trek XO1 frame for over 10 years and its been built up at least 6 different times. Tour bike, single speed winter bike, full on cross bike. Like an old friend. Now that I think about it that will be fun. I’ll start today.