Anatomy of a Beach Ride

Not sure how much time I will have tomorrow so I’ll post my Holiday post today as Ive found a spare hour this morning.

Yesterday I had my fourth beach ride of the winter. I think thats about all I had all last year. These rides are fun and quick and easy to do before work.


You always find weird things on the beach. And dead fish. Something must be wrong with this one as there were no gulls working on it. Actually I would think I find more of this than I do but Im sure the gulls and eagles grab them before I get to ride past them. I’ve seen some furniture, some kids toys and the occasional balloon. And always wondered if they came from across the lake.

The scenery cant be beat.

And its just a nice change of scenery. While riding in the woods is awesome its nice to bomb down the beach right next to the water. Almost always just staring out over the water to the point of running into something. Its a bit surreal. But we have been doing this long before fatbikes. Our Saturday morning group rides have been doing this for as long as I’ve been around which is close to 20 years. Back then it was all MTB’s, now fatbikes.

You dont need any float over the frozen sand so I pump my tires up to 15psi. Like a road ride. Most of the houses along the lake are summer homes. But a few are full timers. Almost all of the time when they see us pass its a friendly wave. Its rare to get a little guff from a beach homeowner but its happened in the past.

End of the line.

Here is the end of the line these days. Its 5.4 miles from where we get on. Back in the day, like 10 years ago, we could ride 15 miles before we turned around, maybe more as we never really tried to go much further than that.

But higher water has cut down that mileage. Last year it was even worse so Im glad to have the 5.4. Its a nice hour ride that fits perfectly in the time slot before work.

Today is Dec 21st. Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year.  Days start to get longer now.  And once again we are heading into the Holidays with not enough snow to play on. The weather dudes were calling out 6 to 8 inches today and tomorrow. Now its 2 to 3. And maybe some rain. Then, after the weak system leaves Saturday temps fall below zero at night. Which is typical. Temps warm up to rain, then plummet. We ride on frozen dirt or ice. I complain about this a lot. I dont think I’ll stop very soon.

Im not sure when I’ll ride this weekend. Maybe Saturday morn but not long as I need to be back in store for all the Christmas bikes to be picked up. And if the roads are slushy like last week I’ll pass. Who knows… maybe another quick beach ride.

The Christmas Eve is Sunday and I have no real plans and thats nice. Just relax and watch football. Maybe a short ride in the woods solo. Christmas morn is when it all go’s down for me.  All the kids and grandkids plus others later. With Christmas on Monday its nice to have two days off in a row. That’s rare for me.

So thats my Holiday in a nutshell. I hope to ride a little, Im sure I’ll eat a lot and sit a lot. But I guess thats what the Holiday are for. If I dont post till next week have a great Holiday.


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