Late Weekend Update


Ive been sucking at taking pictures of late. No real reason.

Saturday we did out breakfast ride. Roads were slushy and crappy. Note to self: Do not ride a fat bike on slushy salty roads without a fender. With the big tires I could feel the crap piling up on my back as we rode. I just was not feeling the entire ride so I bailed halfway and headed back. Not the most enjoyable ride. But a ride nonetheless.

Sunday was much better as we headed to our local park to ride the snow filled woods and the trails were well rode in. I think I rode on snow more this year by the third week of December than all of last year. The trails were firm, smooth and fast.

We are just into a warm spell today so we rode again Monday (yesterday) morning before the temps got the best of the snow. Another great ride. I sure do miss riding on snow on our home turf. Its nice not to have to drive 4 to 5 hours to do so.

But thats going to be the extent of my riding this week. All the Christmas bikes arrive tomorrow and I have a ton to build and accessorise before the weekend. I might even have to call in some summer help for this one. That along with the ski stuff going on now that there’s snow on the ground. Selling some ski stuff too.

Had a nice walk on the beach this moring.

It seems we are going thru another winter thaw. Early winter predictions had is colder with more precipitation. So far, that is not the case. With temps hovering above freezing last nite, closer to 40, I spent some time in the park this morn to see if what little snow we had would survive and it appears it will. The temps will drop this afternoon. Heading for lows in the single digits in a day or so.

Then on Thursday and Friday is a system coming thru that could dump almost a foot up north. But here its the same old thing.. the low comes in, temps rise ands it rains, then leaves and its single digits again. Same thing as last year. I guess this is the way its going to be from now on.

Time to move north.

It is said there is a chance the low will come thru farther south allowing colder air here but I’ll believe it when I see it. When the weather dudes say that its always rain. Always.

Anyway, I had a nice walk on the beach this morn. I could be wearing a tshirt it feels so warm. But thats just me.

However the temps are looking to plummet tonite so I will try a beach ride in the morn. As you can see from the video there seems to be a lot of exposed beach today, but who knows tomorrow. But I’ll give it a try for sure.

Id better get to work.



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