Friday Report

Not a lot to report. I have not gotten on a bike since Hayward, been busy catching up in the store. With the 4 or so inches of snow we got Wednesday I’ve been busy waxing ski’s and boards. This morning I went out to our local State Park where I groom the ski trails and ran the snowmobile around to help set a base. The park does not have a roller so just laps on the snowmobile is the poor mans roller. So thats done. Should help with the next snow.

Today Ive got a bike to build and some ski’s to wax along with scraping and brushing out all the rental ski’s. Lots of work to do today and tomorrow.


I will get a ride in tomorrow morn. Just not sure what kind of ride. The snow is too deep in the woods for the cross bikes and maybe the MTB’s. Not everyone has a fat bike (as crazy as that sounds) and the roads might be crappy too. I’ll ride the fat bike. But riding a fat bike on a slushy road without a fender is a disaster. Sunday will for sure be fat bikes in the woods.

I quick mention that I was pumped to be able to ride the full rigid Fat bike on trails that it was intended. If you read back a few days I was a bit concerned about ditching the full suspension Farley EX for the Borealis full ridgid. Sure, the bike was a full 10 pounds lighter but at my age the suspension is much needed. The few rides in the woods with the rigid bike was not favorable to me. It was rough on me at the start.

But last weekend I was on the type of trails that this bike is intended and that was nice. Smooth and snowy. I did not have to lug around the 10 pounds of suspension and as long as we have snow trails Im good to go. I’ve already rode on more snow trails on Dec 15th than all of last year. That’s promising I guess.

Another new thing to me is the bigger tire. In the past Ive always ran a 3.8. I just like the way it handled. Even tho Im a big guy I just never went for the big tires. It did hurt me a few times with the less float but just a couple times. Last year I had no problem with the lack of winter.

This year Im on the 4.5 Bontys and at first on the dirt I did not like them. I could feel a little counter steer if the pressure was down to smooth out the bumps.  But last weekend was the first on snow with a bigger tire and it seemed to be better. Better on snow. So another direction I went with me not being too sure turned out good. Now we have snow here. Its not real deep but its snow and I hope the bigger tire works for me. Im sure it will.

That’s about it today. Better get to work.



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