Just back from Hayward. Actually, we spent more time in Cable and Seeley,WI than Hayward so I dont know why I call it Hayward. I guess its the biggest town there.

After getting up at 5am Saturday for the bike swap I did it again on Sunday. On the road by 6am. An uneventful 5 1\2 hour drive and thats a good thing.

After eating lunch at Sawmill in Seeley we got dressed for a afternoon ride. We decided to ride the Hatchery trails which are the pretty much the closest to Hayward. The locals said those were in the best shape.

With the snow they got a week ago Monday almost all their resources were being used to clean up all the downed trees from the heavy snow.


Here’s a pic of one of the many groomers they have. You can see how all the small trees are bent over from the weight of the ice\snow. It was like this everywhere. Very pretty to ride in. But they just did not have the time to properly groom things.


Here’s a pic from Sunday. The woods was amazing to ride in. The snow was soft but rideable. We all took our turns slipping out and hitting the deck. Me more that others. It was slow going but still quite fun and your head was on a swivel with the scenery.

You could see every 50 yards or so where they chainsawed out the fallen trees. There was a lot of them. On Sunday and Monday we rode on trails that only had one pass on them with a groomer. And the temps were in the upper 20’s which is warm there. So the trails were soft pretty much anywhere. In fact. one of the best trails we rode on was the snowshoe trails in Cable. Called the city trails. Pretty much right in town and only a few miles long, We rode those on Monday, Along with a few miles of fire roads. The riding was not perfect but then again its a snow sport. If you wait to ride when the conditions are perfect you will never ride.

On Monday we got news the groomers were out in force. With the temps near 30 some moisture snuck back in the snow. Then, overnight it was going to plummet. Pretty much the best scenario for setting up fresh groom. So we turned in for the nite hoping Tuesday morning was going to be a great ride and we were not disappointed.

We woke and had breakfast at Sawmill and it was 4 degrees at 8am. We headed back to the Mosquito Brook\Hatchery trail as we knew for sure they were groomed last nite.

Up there everyone has a groomer. Everyone has laid claim to a specific part of the trail. There are Rokons everywhere. Besides CAMBA who does quite a few miles of trails some of the local business owners have their own equipment. Be it a small snowmobile like in the pic above or a Rokon. The local bike store does some grooming. A restaurant owner up in Cable does some. It’s crazy how many machines hit the trails on any given day. With the trails finally cleared Im sure a ton out out up there today (Wednesday). So we waited until the Hatchery trails were groomed a second time.

Tuesday. This is a Rokon groom.

And we were rewarded with some super firm and fast groomed trails. It’s too bad we did not have this all weekend but we were happy to get some before we had to leave. This is the stuff I gave up my full suspension Farely EX for. This is the stuff that I talk about. Rock hard flowy and fast. Amazing riding. I hope to get a lot more of this. We have another trip planned after the Holidays. And also some snow to hit here at home today. So fingers crossed. Maybe we will get some winter after all.

All in all a great visit to the great white north. Here’s to many more. Maybe I’ll live up there someday.


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