End of Week Report

Really nothing to say today. It will be a busy day packing two cars for the Milwaukee Bike Swap tomorrow. I usually hate doing things like this. It sometimes seems counter productive being out of the store a full Saturday. And its a lot of work to pack up, get up before its light. drive the hour+ and unload. Sell as much stuff as you can for pennies on the dollar, pack it all up and drive the hour+ home. Unload and if its a bad day put all the stuff back. I just dont know why I do this. But I do.

Then, throw the Hayward trip on top. So when I get back to the store late Saturday afternoon not only do I have to unload the car, but load it up again for Hayward. So I’ll need to have all that stuff in a row before I leave today. I’ll leave for the bike swap about 6am, and the Sunday leave for Hayward also at 6am. And Saturday nite throw in my granddaughter’s birthday. So soon I will start packing and it seems things will run right into each other all weekend long. One after another. The key is good planning.

So we will be in Hayward Sunday thru Tuesday afternoon with a good sized ride each day starting with Sunday afternoon and ending with Tuesday morn. The temps do not seem too cold. The coldest ride will be Tuesday morn in the single digits. The other three look to be in the teens or even twenties. Its going to be a big weekend up there. Its the first weekend with groomed trails both ski and bike. I know the skiers are heading up there in droves.24862237_10155239977206173_8309508846297410522_n

Here’s a pic from Wednesday. The Birkie crew really does work almost 24 hours a day. This looks like a shift change. Its crazy to think that 5 days a go it was bare ground.

We are set to receive our first dusting of snow. Maybe 2 inches tonite. Its a start anyway. The ground is plenty froze so it will all stick.

So thats about it. Next post maybe next Wednesday. Im not taking a laptop with me. This will be a kinda off the grid mini vacation. I should have some pics and stories to tell about the great white north when I get back.  Have a good weekend, get outside! Or as the new kids say..   #optoutside


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