Mid Week Report


Took a walk on the frozen beach this morn. It was near perfect for a beach ride. I had errands to run today but tomorrow I will grab the bike and head there post haste. I hope it’s as good as this morn. Conditions can change pretty quickly.


So yesterday before the nite ride I attached my gold chain ring. It may seem I go over the top with this stuff but it keeps me going during the day. Also I had my totally pro Garmin\light mount going on. Very clean. Very cool. I was the talk of the nite ride.

Now, I usually would not point this out but its a funny story. Look at the pic of the chainring. Look closer. Look at the crank arms. Yes, I attached the non drive side not straight. The funny thing is that I did not know until I unloaded it at the nite ride and tried to ride it. Its that moment when you try to pedal it and cant and dont know why. That was a strange feeling. Anyway. I guess you had to be there. Grabbed a number 8 allen and fixed it real quick in the parking lot.

Let’s talk about my Hayward trip that I announces canceled on Monday. Well, since then they have gotten 9 inches of snow. 6 to 7 Monday nite and another 3ish last nite. Its game on. We leave Sunday morn at 6am. Will get a Sunday aft ride in, the maybe two rides on Monday and a quickie Tuesday morn, leave for home at noon. Get back around 6pm to hit up the Tuesday nite ride. How crazy will Tuesday be? Ride the groomed snow trails of Hayward\Cable and then be back riding the frozen tundra back home on the same day.

photo courtesy of Jeff Tumbleson

Here’s a pic of this (Wednesday) morning up there. You can see the plowed snow from Monday nite, with Tuesday’s nits snow on top. 2 days ago it was bare ground.

Now Im set to head up there and Im pumped. Remember, all of last year I was on groomed snow trails just once up in Marquette. So its been awhile since I had a nice groomed trail to ride on. Even if the trails dont get groom Im sure a ton of bikes will be on them Saturday for us to start riding on Sunday. Im excited.

Its going to be a busy next few days as Im heading to Milwaukee for a big bike swap on Saturday, then quickly driving home to attend my granddaughter’s birthday party Saturday nite, the leaving for Hayward Sunday morn. I’ll know more by Friday’s post.

Id better get to work.


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