No More Touring


There goes the US Sam Laud. Heading for  Waukegan,IL. Most ;likely carrying road salt.

Today my 920 sold on eBay. I loved this bike and just did not get to use it enough. Not sure with what Im going to replace it with or if I will at all. I just dont tour a whole lot anymore. And if I ever do I worry about what to ride then.


I sold it complete. That’s so much nicer than piece by piece. Here it is today, ready to be boxed up.


Here it is in winter mode.


And here in July of 2016. The only time I used my expensive tent since buying it in 2014. To this day I used it just that one nite. Cripes thats sad.

Another thing is that touring is kinda being replaced with “bikepacking”. Which is pretty much the same thing but you have a bike that can go on or off road, and you carry a lot less with you. So maybe I will go in that direction. Its getting pretty popular and there are rides up north that go over the river and thru the woods for a few days. Kinda like backpacking with a bike, hence the name. The way the bags attach to the bike are way different. They dont hang down as low. Take a look at the Trek 1120. This is most likely the way I will go when the time comes.


Kinda looks like this loaded up. I think you can get bigger bags for the back but you get the idea. So maybe that is my future of touring… or bikepacking. Whatever.

I should get some riding in this weekend. The weather will still be in the 40’s during the day but from what I hear the jet stream changes mid week next week ands then the highs could just be in the teens some days. Maybe a little snow. Will see.

Tomorrow morn will be the usual Saturday morning group ride and with the warmer temps should be well attended. So thats about it for now. Have a good weekend and get outside.



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