Nite Ride

The Tuesday nite ride has been going on here for many years. Way before I started riding in 2001. It’s a tradition here and now with fatbikes it runs longer into the winter. It usually starts right around the time switch to daylight savings and runs until there was too much snow in the woods. Fat bikes now extend the ride into deeper snow. If we had any.


Now there’s a seasonal light snow in the city park we ride in. A little something more to look at I guess. You can drive your car thru real slow to see all the lights and then donate money and canned goods at the end. When this light thing started there was a little uproar by the cross country skiers as the trail crossed the road of the then closed park. Now its plowed thru the end of December for this and the trails got compromised a lot.

However it’s not been a big deal as we just have not had the snow to make a difference. Last year we got a good snow about the middle of Dec but it all melted a week later. So its not had the impact on our skiing as we all once thought.

In fact last nite is was near 50 degrees at 7pm. Crazy warm. Looking at the 10 day it all above average temps and no snow. All this talk about having a “normal” winter here is starting to wane. I just dont believe it anymore.

In fact I am trying to change the business model of my store to not rely on skis\snowshoes in the winter. It just does not look like we will get the winters needed to sell enough of the stuff to pull a Wisconsin bike store thru winter. More on this later.

The ride was super fun last nite. I ran super low pressure on my rear tire to smooth things out and for the most part that worked but I kept burping the air out cuz the tire was so squishy. Made for a smooth ride but I had to stop and pump it up a bit to finish.

I think you are going to hear me talk a lot about going to a rigid fat bike this winter. You might get a little sick of it. Unless it snows. Then its the best thing since sliced bread. But until I actually get to ride on snow, which was maybe twice last year, I might complain about giving up my full suspension Farley a bit too soon. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

Anyway, the nite ride was fun last nite.


Wa da ya think?

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