Two Eagles\Two Rides


Saw these guys this morn in the park. I see the eagles pretty much in the same tree around the same time of day. More in the fall\winter. Almost never in the summer. I guess they got better places to be then. Another milestone today as I was the only one in the park. No campers or visitors. That usually does not happen until it gets much colder.

Sunday I saw a window of opportunity and took it. The weather dudes were calling for lows in the mid 20’s so I called out a beach ride. I had low expectations as we tried this a little over a week ago and it was a bust. It had gotten cold but not long enough to freeze the beach. Sunday was different as the beach was adequately froze for us and it was a great ride. First frozen beach ride of the winter is always awesome. We had to start early and glad we did. The beach was thawing right out from under us.

Sunday morn.

Still getting used to the rigid bike. But beach riding is not a problem at all in that respect. Everything worked well and when the trail is smooth Im enjoying the lighter weight bike. The 4.5in tires are nice too. But I still think I can get away with a 3.8 all day. The weight difference between the two sizes is less than 100 gram per tire so its kinda a no brainer running the larger rubber. My thoughts are that it will help smooth out the ride better than a 3.8. Or in other words I can run the pressure I bit lower before bashing the rim on a rock or something. Anyway, we got our first beach ride in. Looking at the 10 day it looks like warmer than average. In fact it looks like nothing under the freezing mark until the middle of December. That’s going against pretty much what all the predictions said. Everyone including the Weather Service said everything points to a colder and wetter winter than we have seen of late. And then we have this. 40’s and even 50’s into December. Im not very optimistic right now. But I have to keep telling myself its early yet. I will try to be as patient as I can.

Saturdays group ride was a bust for me as I got dropped and could not tag back on. I get very upset with myself when that happenes. Even a bit depressed. The winds were crazy. Like 30= mph gusts with 20+ sustained. I was literally down to 6 mph into the wind. Not a lot of fun when your riding home along after watching the group ride away from you.

But, Im over it. Life goes on. Also Saturday we had out Thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids and way more food than any of us could eat so that was nice.

Thats bout it for the weekend. Next ride will be the Tuesday nite ride. Weather looks nice.


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