Pre T Day

Tuesday morn

This is the US ST. Clair. It’s a smaller boat. But these guys are used to get in much smaller ports. It was pretty close to the shore as you can tell by the breakers… There is a ton of ships now hugging my side of the lake.

Tuesday nite

Last nite was the Tuesday nite ride and we had about 15 bikes show. It was a nice ride. Actually the first on my new winter bike of choice, The Borealis Crestone. I finished it late in the day and pondered whether to ride it but that the hell, its got to get the maiden voyage sometime so I loaded it up and headed to the park.

This bike goes against all I have been saying the last two years. Full rigid. But lighter. I was impressed with the 23 pounds 14 oz weight less pedal. Very respectable considering the wheels and tires are 27.5 by 4.5. This is the biggest tire I have ever run. I sure do hope it snows so I can actually use them. I’ll give you first ride impressions here but will post pics next week.

I was and still am leery about ditching the suspension. I would not have sold my Farely EX under different circumstances. I’ll explain those circumstances later. (It’s a good thing.) So, back to the bike.

The theory is, instead of having a rigid fat bike for winter and a MTB for the summer do two in one. Throw on a set of 29+ wheels and tires and you have an amazing and smooth riding summer bike. Put the 4in tires back on for winter and you have a fatbike. Advantage is that you have one awesome bike to ride 12 months out of the year. The disadvantage is that its heavier than the MTB and the rigid fatbike. But to me, not a big deal. The EX performed perfectly out west a few weeks ago. I could not imagine do that stuff with any other bike. But in the winter months, if you have snow, you are lugging that suspension around without needing it. And that too, I can get past.

Really, how many months do we have with smooth groomed trails in winter. Last year was maybe 3 weeks up north, with near zero here.  So I’m disadvantaged with extra weight for 3 weeks out of the year? I’ll take that hands down.

But riding the new bike last nite I sure did notice the weight which is almost a full 10 pounds lighter. I noticed the climbing was easier. I could flick the bike around easier. So that’s all good. This thing will be a rocket on the groomed trails…

But we don’t get any snow I’m screwed. While I know I can take more air out of the tires the ride was, well, as rough as you would expect on a rigid bike. I missed the suspension less that 10 minutes into the ride. There are some rough, rocky trails I just wont go to now with the rigid bike. I’m way too old for that shit. Or at least my back is.

So why did I do this in the first place? First off I’m now a Borealis dealer and I make it a point to ride what I sell. And I’ve heard a lot or reports that this year will be a normal snow year. Which is much better than last years way below average year.

So I’ll be OK if we get snow to ride on. Between the lighter weight and the bigger tires this bike will be great on the groomed trails that I dream of riding on. But its the here and now that I’ll suffer a smidge before winter gets here. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I have a nice ride planned at 10am. I’ll use the Crockett for some woods\road. In the past Ive always had a great ride in Tuekey day.   Here’s one from 2012.

Have a great T day!


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