The Weekend and Ongoing


Nice visit to the park this morn. I was here on Friday and got some good shots of a Redtail hawk that landed just 20 feet from me. He was checking me out for sure.

Sort of a uneventful weekend. Saturday was an all day rain out so not much to talk about there.

I saw that Sunday morning was going to be in the upper 20’s for a low and when I got up I was pumped to see 26 degrees. I grabbed the borrowed bike and headed for the beach looking to get in my first frozen sand ride. The water lines are as high as I can remember and there is precious little beach to ride on but I thought Id give it a shot anyway.

Once I got to the sand I realized it wasn’t froze at all. Not sure why. Sometimes it can be hard as a rock at 32 degrees and the next day its unfrozen at 26. I still have 29+ on the bike so I did not ride in the sand too long. Finished the ride with some woods and road to get in at least an hour in the saddle.

Then it was home, to the couch and crappy football and too much food. Not a good  rest of the day. I really need to stop that. I need to stay busy longer on days like that.

Today (Monday) my Wampa wheels are coming. So I can start planning my fatbike build. As I stated last post I have a pair of Maxxis Minions to use. I’ve decided not to based on the tires weigh a ton. At only 3.8in the 1500 gram weight is just nuts. One was 1500+ grams and the other was 1300+. Ive decided to go with Bonty’s Team Issue Barbagazi’s at 1200+ grams per tire. And those are rated at 4.5in. Making them the biggest tire I’ve ever run. When it comes to grams Im not that big of a weight weenie but your looking at almost a full pound of the outmost rotating weight. Thats a no brainer. So I’ll sell the Maxxis tires.

I could have that bike done by the end of the week. But I actually have a ton to do in the tech shop today. Four bikes to build, two to tune up and mine. Mine is always last when it hits a list. Then there’s the Christmas stuff to put out….

Lots of riding this week. Tuesday nite ride. Also a Wednesday ride I might do. I always do a Turkey day ride in the morning. Last year we had almost 20 bikes for that one. Then we are right back into the weekend. Quite the week.

Better get to work.


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