Your looking at the Edwin H Gott. I don’t see that one a lot. And barely got to see it today. It was going so fast I could barely catch up with it. I just caught it as it rounded the corner and headed south.  Hence the crappy pic. About this time of year the big ships hug our shoreline until they stop shipping some time in January. So I’ll be seeing more of them.

Not long after I typed yesterdays post I order a set of Bontrager Wampas for my Borealis. These wheels are double wall, very strong although a couple hundred grams heavier. But when you’re comparing weight you must remember they are 27.5 and not a 26 so its not apples to apples. I decided to go with the wider rim than the Borealis 27.5 plus rim. I could have made that work but just felt more comfortable with 80mil than 50mil.


So its a Bonty wheel on a Borealis bike. Not a big deal really. These are super strong wheels that mount tubeless so easy you could use a floor pump. These are the same wheels that came with my last two Farely EX’s. So no big deal. Speaking of big deals, I do realize HED now makes a 27.5 fat rim but that single wall is just not for me. Im just too big of a guy and the risk of a rim strike on some rock or whatever would be too great. In out group we have maybe 4 guys running the carbon HEDs. Two of them broke them. They are for sure the lightest but no where near the strongest. They tell you not to use tire levers on the HED rims. Cripes. But they are the lightest and they for sure have their place in the world. Just not mine.

As Im still kinda decompressing from my western trip still and I have a Hayward trip planned December 10 thru 12. That will be the target for finishing my winter only fatbike. Im going to assume we will be riding on snow then. They have snow there as I type.

Im pretty sure this will be the last post for the week. I have a dentist appt in the morn. It looks like the Saturday ride is in jeopardy with snow\rain in the forecast. Cold and rain is the worst.

I threw a setback seatpost on my buddys bike and will give it a try again. In fact he had one on it when he gave it to me but I swapped out for one of my own. Never realizing it came with one. So this post puts the seat back over a cm and that will help a ton. I’d like to keep riding it as it gives me time to build the winter fattie in the next few weeks.

Next post after the weekend.


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