In Between Bikes.

Last nite was the first of a few Tuesday nite rides. 7 bikes attended. Im riding a Borealis that a friend borrowed me until I get mine built. Its got a Bluto on it so that helps ease the pain of losing the full suspension. A little. With the 29+ tires inflated to 12psi I was reminded why I went for the Farley EX in the first place. I missed the smooth ride for sure. I was reminded of my age and fitness level real quick. I missed my oval chain ring.


Plus the bike is a little small for me. I know Id get a better ride with the fat wheelset on and maybe that’s what I will do. I just wish it would snow already. Its warm (45 degrees) and rain but the temps look like they will dip below normal in a few days. At least get the ground froze. The soaking rain this morn will help with that too.

So now I’m torn between riding this bike and taking one off the floor that would fit me better. I kinda hate to do that. I’ll maybe wait until Dec to make the switch. If I wait a bit longer the full rigid bike would be much more tolerable in the snow. However I must say every other fat bike at the ride last nite was full rigid. Maybe I should just suck it up for a month. Im torn.

Im waiting for a set of Borealis 27.5 carbon wheels as thats what Im going to use this winter. Only 50 mil wide.


When I visited Borealis I watched them make wheels with the wheel machine that have. There is not a lot of these around and you have to make a lot of wheels to afford the near $150k this machine costs. These are wheels coming out of the machine. I had some pics of the actual machine but lost them. I do that sometimes. These look like their carbon 100mil wheels. Owner Steve said they used to have three guys just building wheels full time. The machine builds them so fast that they no longer have to stock a ton of wheelset. All built to order. Very efficient.


Waiting for those rims is a pair of Maxxis Minions. 27.5 by 4 (3.8). Like 45Nrth they have a different tread pattern for front and back. I thought Id give those a try. They seem nice. And the Bontrager Hodags are out of stock right now anyways. Besides, I always like trying something new. There is not a lot of options with 27.5 fat bike tires. But soon there will be more. Treks been making the big 27.5 hoops several years now and just now a few others are following.

I realize that the footprint will be smaller with a 50mil rim. Back in the day I ran 65mil Surley rims and then 47mil Northpaws with no problem. The casing shape of a 3.8 tire on the narrower rims is not that much thinner. But its taller. If I need more float I will just adjust the pressure a smidge less than I normally do. Sure… a 5in tire on a 100mil rim would let me ride in deeper snow but I really never do that anyway. When we have snow its the groomed stuff I ride.

I might consider Treks 27.5 Wampas. Then Im back to 80 mil.  But I hate mixing brands on the same bike. I think thats just weird. So that decision will be based on cost and availability.

I hate being in between bikes. I get impatient and start ordering stuff, then change my mind and order different stuff. I need to just stay calm.


Wa da ya think?

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