Weekend Update


I can’t believe a week ago I was driving home, most likely still in AZ or NM. I am definitely going thru some mountain withdrawal here. All of a sudden all the trails around here suck. I hope that passes cuz these are the only trails I have unless I move. And those kind of thoughts have crossed my mind but I quickly dismiss them.

I have sold my Farley EX Saturday. Gone will be a bike with any suspension. Im a little leary of that this early as I have a lot of non snow trails to ride yet but you can’t ever have the perfect timing with this stuff. A dude shows up with his check book you gotta sell and now Im scrambling to put together a winter fat bike to ride. Going no suspension, full rigid for the groomed snow trails. I hope I can handle the rougher ride. But this rigid fatbike will be a full 10 pounds lighter than the EX so there’s that. And trust me, I will be selling this bike a day after the Fatbike Birkie next March and getting another Trek EX. I need that suspension for summer riding.


Right now the woods looks like a bad 80’s shag carpet. all the leaves are down. Trail are hard to find in the woods and I take wrong turns all the time until they get run in.


Saw this guy Sunday morn. Sitting in the same tree I usually see them. But watching him\her eating a fish is a first for me. It did not take long and the fish was gone.


I actually have a lot to do today. Prep the EX for its departure and start specing a new fatbike for me. I have a few repairs and a few used bikes in thjat I have to clean up. Also winter ordering. My stock is pretty good from last year but I do have a few holes to fill.

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday nite ride for me. A few have been riding while I was out west. I have a new Light&Motion 1100 lumen for my helmet. I was going to ride the EX one more time but I might borrow a bike for this ride. Will see.

There’s good snow up north already. Both Marquette and Hayward have snow on the ground. I hear the ski hills up there are opening. The earliest opening day in 20 years. All pointing to a good winter….. I hope so. Bring it on!


Wa da ya think?

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