Out West (post three)

Sunday I rode some trails in northern AZ. Simply amazing. These trails were more like Im used to. Lots of Pine trees. Reminded me of northern Wisco. The trails winded around a lake, almost always in view. I try to take as many pics as I can but hard to do without stopping too much.


Sunday was pretty much the easiest ride with the least climbing. Such a beautiful ride. After we drove back we started getting ready to leave Monday morn. Some of us are staying an extra day but I was the only one who drove so I needed to get going. So Monday morn I was out at 7am and drove back to the guest house in Colorado Springs. Today, Tuesday, Im at the same coffee shop in Springs that I typed from last Wednesday. Which seems like a month ago. Im waiting for the Borealis shop to open so I can grab a bike to take home with me. Its a cold (34 degrees) and rainy day here in Colorado Springs. Might run into some weather on the way home.

The drive home seems to be not as exciting as the drive out. 12 hours yesterday. Today I have about 16 hours ahead of me and half of me wants to pound it out and the other says lay up and get sleep. I figure that out later. See whats up with the weather.

Ive got tons of pics but they are divided between two cameras and the phone. I’ll post a bunch someday and post them but for now I will leave you with this guy.

All together we saw three tarantulas. Id better get going if I want to drive straight home. See you back in WI.


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