Out West (post two)


About the riding. Its now late Saturday. I have had three rides in the last four days. Ride one was a quickie in Colorado Springs on Wednesday. Right after I posted the last post. I rode 40 minutes up, taking a ton of resties, then down for 10 minutes. Just a quick out and back since I had no idea where I was going. Then, after one more nite in the guest house I was off early Thursday for the 12 hour drive to Northern AZ.

So Friday was my first real ride in altitude. The climbing was hard and the downhills were break neck tough. I did not fall off my bike Friday. I gatta say the Farely EX was pretty much the best bike I could have brought for this stuff. It was amazing on the downhills. I opened up the suspension to full downhill mode and I was just amazed at the way it worked. This type of riding was the first for me. Ive been riding downhill before say.. in Marquette but this is a whole new ball game. I’ve never bombed down on a technical run for 45 minutes before. On the edge of disaster all the way down. Crazy fun. However Fridays efforts going up made me pay the price. I ended up with altitude sickness and dehydration. I was so sick Friday nite. I could not eat for hours after we got back. I was down so hard I thought I was done for the rest of the visit. We were riding at 8000 feet. I should have known. Rest was needed.


Lots of these guys around. Tarantulas were everywhere. You have to take evasive action on the trails not to hit them. Weird to see that. Today, Saturday was much better for me. I couple of us found a way to shuttle up to 8000+ feet and ride back. Some climbing but nothing crazy. Much better. Less effort for uphills. More effort left for down.

Another deal. You absolutely need a dropper post here. And I dont mean it would be nice. If you dont have one you are going down. You are going over the bars. Its just a matter of time. My time was today. Bombing downhill over huge rocks with some nice drops. Over a rock I go. Cant get my butt low enough, fork fully compresses and I am doing a superman. Im beat up but nothing broke. I live to ride again. Just bruises and bandages needed.


These Javalina’s are also around. But dont get too close they are crabby. I took this pic as I rolled past, not stopping. So its Saturday nite and just got back from dinner. Tomorrow is the last day to ride before I head back to Colorado Springs to stop and pick up a bike at Borealis to put on the sales floor. And stay at his guest house Monday nite again. After I get up Tuesday to get the bike its game on coming home. Looks like Wednesday around noonish.

Not sure when the next post will come. I’ll try to sneak one more in before I get home. But maybe not. Time will tell.


Wa da ya think?

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