Out West (post one)


From guest house backyard. Are you kidding me?

Its Wednesday morn, Im sitting in a nice coffee shop in Colorado Springs. My first good cup since I left Monday morn. Which seems like a million years ago. I’ll try to catch up here.

Monday was a 900 mile day. I ended up in some small town in Nebraska. I got pulled over in IL by a State Trooper for going 69 in a 55. It was in a transition from 65 to 55mph and I just did not slow down fast enough. It was my lucky day as he let me off with a warning. Monday was a pretty boring day with nothing but corn fields for hours. I never stopped. Only for gas. Hit up a crappy hotel around 7pm.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I got up at 6am to hit the road. After some awful hotel coffee I continued west. Maybe an hour in I hit a huge snow storm. Maybe not a storm but maybe a squall? It was snowing so hard I could see far in front of me. The roads turned to ice real quick and I and everyone else was down to 40mph. I decided to pull off and gas up even tho I didnt need to but I wanted to let the salt trucks that were out to work a bit. So I waited almost an hour and continued and the road were much better. My first ride on slippery roads. Tuesday my destination was Borealis Fat Bikes in Colorado Springs.

Where the fatbike magic happens.

And it was a good visit. Owner Steve then graciously opened up his guest house to me and thats where I stayed last nite. The place is nice. Too nice for a bum like me. His place is up in the elevations of town… looking down. This entire town is amazing. At least the scenery. As I sit in this coffee shop Im looking at mountains and I cant stop staring at them. I could type for a week about how I am drawn to them, but I wont. I live in Wisconsin and it is what it is. I guess its like people who come to Sheboygan and want to see the lake. I see it everyday. People out here see mountains everyday.

Ive yet to ride a bike but that will change in an hour. Ive got a pick of two local trails systems to ride today and I might do both. Also planning on visiting Garden of the Gods (see prior post). So I have a full day planned. Then out to eat with Steve tonite. I’ll stay tonite in the guest house but will hit the road early Thursday. Its about a 12 hour drive to the condo to meet the others and I can stay there Thursday nite so I hope to get there in one drive. Should be no problem. So Thursday (tomorrow) will be a drive day. But then its riding Friday thru Sunday.

Id better get going. Heading back to the guest house to change into riding stuff. The trailhead Im going to is less than a mile from there. I’ll be alone so no hero stuff. It mostly up hill anyway. How fast could I go?

Next post will most likely be Friday while I wait for the others to show.


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