Trip Timeline

Today is the last day for me in the store for awhile. Well, I’ll be here tomorrow but in and out all day. Hopefully a ride in the morning.

My biggest trip in two decades is set in stone. I leave early Monday morn, oct 30th. Not to return until Wednesday, Nov 8th. Holy crap. Getting new tires on the car tomorrow. Shopping and packing on Sunday. Im pretty excited.

Here’s the Clark Griswold timeline: Leave Monday and drive about 12 hours or so. Get up Tuesday morn and put in the final few hours to Colorado Springs and visit Borealis. Maybe get a ride in Tuesday afternoon in the area. Spend Tuesday nite in C.S. and all day Wednesday too. Hit up another ride and do some sightseeing on Wednesday.  Garden of the Gods will be a priority. Stay in the Borealis guest house for a second nite Wednesday.


Thursday wake early for the around 12 hour drive to the place I meet the others in Utah. Three others are staying in a condo thru Sunday nite. Planing on riding Moab and northern AZ.  Three days of most likey two rides a day. Or maybe one big one. Im not sure how I will keep up with the climbing but Im OK with riding alone a few times. We might use a shuttle in Moab. Or maybe just I will. Depends on what the group does I guess. Just go with the flow. Might just take a day to ride alone.

Then, Monday morn, Nov 6th,  I leave early and head back to Colorado Springs to Borealis to pick up a few bikes to take with me. And stay one more nite at the guest house. And leave for home on Tuesday, Home Wednesday. It’s going to be a crazy 10 days. In a perfect world I will pay for a hotel 2 nites out of ten. But if things dont work to plan thats fine too.

So today I have a lot to do in store. three bikes to fix. Order ahead. Pay bills ahead. Think ahead. Just stay one step ahead of everything.

I will take my laptop with me and post as much as I can. Im not a nite person so I’ll be in early and hope to post then. Im not sure what kind of weather I’ll see. Most likely everything for 70 and sunny to snow cover. The amount of riding clothes I need to take along is staggering. Pretty much everything I own for every temp.

Im putting on my Thule roof box. After having it for 6 years and loaning it out to others to use on trips I finally get to use it for a trip of my own.

So this is most likely it for the weekend. Next post will come from Colorado maybe on Tuesday nite. I should have a ride in by then.




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