Late Wednesday

It’s really late Wednesday. Late afternoon and I’d thought I would type a bit and post in the morning while Im out riding.  Here we go.

Had a nice hour long MTB ride this(Wednesday) morn. Coldest ride to date. First ride with my Shimano winter shoes. And some base layers under. About 37 degrees at ride time.

Look at the ships hugging my shoreline yesterday. Huge winds and big waves on the east side so all ships hugged west side. Record waves recorded in Lake Superior around Munising. 29 feet 8 inches. I assume they have GPS on the buoy that record that stuff. I dont know how else they dScreenshot_2017-10-24-20-39-53o it.

This was after dark on Monday nite and I did not get to see any of these ships. Bummer.

So we are now in the middle of the week before I leave for the west. Here is what I think I got right now. I think I can leave Monday. I can acually leave late Sunday but that does not make any sense.

So Monday it is. I’ll get around 800 or so miles in before I take a nap, somewhere in Nebraska.

Originally I was set to visit Durango, then Moab. Do some sightseeing on the way. Take my time.

That’s all changed. Now Im heading to Colorado Springs for a tour of Borealis Fatbikes. Of which I am going to start selling in the store. Im going to pick up a couple bikes while Im there. I’ll fit them in my car somehow.

Then, Steve, the owner of Borealis has graciously offered the company guest house for me to stay at for a couple days. So I plan to spend about a day and a half there before heading to Moab to meet the others. And I plan on driving straight thru from Colorado Springs to Moab which is no big deal. But I won’t be able to drag my feet. Which is fine cuz I have a place to stay in Moab free of charge. So it will be Colorado Springs Monday and Tuesday nite, then Moab Wednesday to Saturday nite. There has been talk of heading to Arizona for a day and a half too sometime between there. I’d be up for that.

So it looks like the west deal is going down. And with stopping at Borealis you know its a business trip.

So now Im thinking about my fatbikes. I know I’ve discussed this before. I have a Trek Farley EX that I absolutely love. I make it 29+ in the summer, then 27.5 by 4 in the winter. But here’s the deal.

In the summer its amazing. In the winter you just dont use all that suspension and you gotta kinda lug it around all winter on the groomed trails. But really, its totally a fair trade off because really we are on groomed trails at best 3 months a year. So the bike is a bit heavy and overkill for three months and then it rocks the rest of the year.

But I think I want to ride a lighter rigid fatbike again. So my thoughts are to build a Borealis Creststone up this winter. Really, I pride myself on riding what I sell and if Im going to sell those fat bikes I want to ride one. So my thought is to sell my EX, even tho I’ve only had it a couple months, and ride a carbon rigid fattie at 23 pounds. Maybe HED wheels. Id stick with Sram Eagle for the pie plate granny gear.  Of course sell that one in spring. More thought on that one…..

So thats on my mind today. Impending trip and Borealis fattie.

Going on a small cross bike ride in the morning. Looks to be a couple degrees warmer.


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