Native American Summer Over

My mood is running with the weather today. Its cold and dreary. Persistent drizzle all night and into today. Out first Tuesday Nite ride is doomed. It seems like the nice stretch of weather we had was weeks ago but really just two days ago.

Peninsula State Park

Last Friday I spent a nice day up in Door County. It seemed the trees were not quite peak but close enough. Temps in the 70’s. We hiked and had a small bike ride in the local State Park.

After some time in the woods we headed into Fish Creek to shop, hang out and attend a fish boil that we usually hit when we are there.

Fish Boil

Saturday morn I had to work alone but did get in a short ride with the group. I started out with them but flipped it early to be back to store at 10am to open. Saturday was pretty much the last of the Native American summer. Looking at the 10 day its back to normal or near normal weather.

All weather indications are pointing to a winter starting sooner than last year. I heard some flurries with accumulation in the U.P. this weekend. We’ll see about that. Down here there is a small chance of some snowflakes tonite. I would not mind that at all.

Sunday’s ride window was early morning. I had everything home I needed to ride including the cross bike but I opted for a walk in the woods instead which was nice. I got home around 1030am just as it started to rain a bit, The rest of the day Sunday was on the couch eating too much. I hate days like that.

That leaves us Monday and today, Tuesday. Like I mentioned our first nite ride was to go down tonite but thats out. Just too wet. And I have new lights and everything. Next week I guess.

But wait! Next week is my west trip. Well, to make a long story short its in jeopardy for personal reasons. As I type this it not off but as it sits today will be much shorter as I dont have all the days I thought I had for the trip. So do I cancel and just do it later? Do I go now even tho it could be cut in half? I was shooting for 10 days out but it looks like 7 max now. That’s 4 1\2 days driving and 2 1\2 day riding by my estimate. Is it worth it? I have a few days to figure it out.

Original plans had me leaving Sunday morn. Now could be Wednesday. I think it is possible to push it off to a later date. But it depends on how much winter I want to deal with during my visits out there. I’ll spend the next few days in deep thought and let you know what I decide.


Wa da ya think?

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