What a amazing Native American summer we are having. Temps near 70! Looking at the 10 day, soon it will be near or at normal. With highs in the upper 40’s soon. I say bring it because the snow is not that far behind (I hope).

Both Wednesday and Thursday I hit up the trails in the mornings. First our local city park, then today our local State trails. It’s really game on right now as the leaves are not quite peak here but falling. Soon gone.

Speaking of game on. Im again out of store tomorrow. Spending the day up in Door County looking at trees, hiking and riding bikes a bit. Also some shopping and eating. So this is the last post of the week. 

Todays ride was in the state trail system we call Greenbush. It’s a 15 mile or so drive from my house and thats kinda a bummer in the morning but I did get in a good hour of riding. MTB riding is quite a bit harder to do than say riding the cross bike on the road. In the woods you are forced to do short intense intervals and I sure felt it. Lots harder efforts than Im used to of late. I gatta say once again having a 50 tooth on my cassette is wonderful for a old fat guy. Now I can pedal up parts I had to walk before. Granted, you most likely can walk faster than Im pedaling but it keeps me on the bike and thats a good thing.

Right now Im running a 30 tooth oval front ring with the Sram Eagle. I call my 50 tooth  granny gear the “pie plate”. As in “what gear are you in”? I respond, “Im in the pie plate”.

I need a lot more time on the Farely before I head west. I am concerned about the altitude and the climbing. Im pretty sure I’ll be riding solo most of the time with the others waiting up at their convenience. And Im good with that. I just gotta do my own thing. If I let those things bother me too much I would never get out west to ride. As a good friend tells me… it is what it is.

Im only a few days from a week to go. And I got things to do like get some nicer tires on my car. I’ll have over 4k of miles in 10 days. Thats a lot of driving but thats OK. I like driving. I got satellite radio. I’ll get into some specifics of my route next week.

Right now I have to try and take advantage of this weather. Live in the now. Worry about next week sometime next week. So that means spending the day in Door County tomorrow and getting out on the bike all weekend.

Hope you get outside too. Have a good weekend.



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