Again, another great park visit today. Sunny and much warmer than yesterday. I for sure could have gone on a ride but I had a ton of work errands to do today before the store opened. But a little park time is always in order.


As usual, in fall the ships sail closer to the west shores of Lake Michigan. And then I see them more. There has been a bunch passing by but I never got to see them. Today is the first of the fall ships I spotted. The US Carson Calloway.


Watching the radar a ton of ships have passed but I was either working or sleeping.

As I mentioned yesterday Im selling Borealis fatbikes.

For several reasons. First off. They are nice bikes and fat bikes is all they do. Also, they are involved in events and community projects all across the country. I like that. They also have a online setup like Trek. Anyone local buys a bike online it gets shipped to me and I get the credit for the sale. They use their website to sell bikes for the local dealer. So they get it. And most importantly they are letting me stay in their guest house in a few weeks. (Just kidding). That’s a perk, not a reason. Like BMC, Im not going in too deep. Just like to get another bike with a different color on the floor.

Even tho its only Tuesday I hope to ride the next few mornings. So maybe no posts for awhile. If so rest assured Im getting some miles in both woods and road.




Wa da ya think?

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